- The Ultimate ETH Guide - If you've ever wondered how to find all these ETH projects before they 100x, well this is it.. I'm spilling everything and leaving nothing out. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate from ?'s for revealing all of these secrets but Here you go??

Before we start, let me show you what I've managed to catch with this knowledge: $SHIT - Prelaunch ➡️ $150m MC (3600x+) $SCX - Prelaunch ➡️ 3.5m MC (1060X) $1PEARL- 40k ➡️ 11.3m MC (283x) $WAIT - 30k ➡️8.05m MC (268x) $M87 - 50k ➡️9.5m MC (190x) $INU - 60k ➡️4.65m MC (78x) 2/22

- THE BASICS OF ETHERSCAN - Before we even begin talking about investing in degens, you need to understand the basics of-chain analysis. This is THE most important skillset you must possess in order to compete with the big boys on ETH MUST WATCH: 3/20

The video above will teach you most of what you need to know, including: - The Basics Of Etherscan Transactions - Checking the Deployer for links to previous projects - Difference Between Real/Fake LP Locks/Renounces - Basics of Contract Code & Finding Socials and more.. 4/22

- WHERE TO FIND PROJECTS PRELAUNCH - Now that you know the basics, it's time to find the contracts, preferably before they launch so that you have ample time to research before aping. My personal recommendations? 5/22

Great, now you know where to find the contracts prelaunch but you notice that there are literally hundreds of CAs being deployed daily.. 90% of them being scams or pnd's.. So how do we separate the potential gems from the trash? By using some of the tools mentioned ? 6/22

- USEFUL TOOLS TO ANALYZE CAs - 1) Discobot - 140USD/m - Useful when comparing the contract you're looking at to previous contracts w/ similar code & check if they've rugged. Often times the more unique the contract, the higher the hit-rate is. 7/22

- USEFUL TOOLS TO ANALYZE CAs PT 2 - 2) TUF Checksum - Free - Checksum works by checking the similarities of previous contracts to the current contract's functions. If they don't match it generates a new checksum code. Why it's so useful ? 8/22

- USEFUL TOOLS TO ANALYZE CAs PT 3 - 3) DeFi Robot - Hold 3.5M tokens (1.4BNB) Probably the most underrated of the tools, this one is mainly used to scan for contracts that have deployed with links to previous successful projects and more.. 9/22

- CHECK THE DEPLOYER - Always, always DYOR ? Yet another way to identify potential gems is to check the deployer wallet yourself for links to previous projects. This can literally mean the difference between getting rugged or a finding a potential 100x. 10/20

- FINDING THE SOCIALS PRELAUNCH - An easy way to check for early socials is by looking in the contract code You can often bet on the project based off the effort put into creating the socials. If it looks like it took 2 minutes to make, then it's probably a scam/pnd. 11/22

- TRACKING EARLY/INSIDOR WALLETS - Often times you'll miss the chance to research prelaunch, it's normal ?‍♂️ One thing that helps cut down time drastically is by tracking wallets you've found before that you've identified to be profitable or early. Here are some tools? 12/22

- USEFUL TOOLS TO TRACK WALLETS - Even if you've missed a launch you can often times still get in very early if a wallet you're tracking notifies you. So here's a couple of tools you can use: 1) Etherdrops - 5 free wallets/rest paid Good. 13/22

- USEFUL TOOLS TO TRACK WALLETS PT 2 - 2) EthTokenExplorer - Free Version Little less descriptive compared to Etherdrops but it's free. Still testing this one out but it's already proven to be a bit faster which is a plus. 14/22

- FINDING GOOD WALLETS TO TRACK - The trick to wallet tracking is of course, to find profitable wallets with good hit rates. You can either: 1) look at projects that mooned and cross check early buyers 2) Use paid services/bots to run a script on select wallets 15/22

Personally I recommend spending sometime to do it yourselves it's really not that hard. However if you're the lazy type you can just buy a paid service like $DTOOLS for example ? Degentools - Silver Tier - 3.5M Tokens Held (1.05E) 16/22

- USEFUL TG CHANNEL AGGREGATOR - It's often useful to know which influencers are backing which projects. Keep in mind however that most TG call channels are just used as exit liq. - Forwards calls from various respectable ETH Call channels 17/22

- TWITTER - Honestly, you'll be able to frontrun most influencer calls whether it's on Twitter/TG just by following the methods above anyways. Still, It's useful to follow your favourite influencers that have impact to help you identify where the volume is coming from 18/22

- TWITTER PT2 - That being said, Here's a good list of some respectable channels on Twitter that bring in good volume: @cryptoskullx @EricCryptoman @criptopaul @crypto_bitlord7 @crypto_TomTom @iambroots There are more to mention but it's not the really main focus. 19/22

- DISCLAIMER - "To be early is to be a risk taker" Even doing all of these things you aren't automatically going to be printing money & you for sure won't be able to 100% avoid rugs/scams.?‍♂️ The goal is to be as early as possible to maximize your risk/reward ratio. 20/22

DISCLAIMER PT 2 - By being as early as possible, you'll be able to much more money than you would be making by just waiting all day to fomo these influencers calls. Even if you get rugged 8 times for 0.05E but end up making 2-5E on the next one, you'll be in profits. 21/22

- END - If you made it this far, congrats YGMI? I don' really get anything out of this & I'm really not expecting anything anyways. If this helps at least 1 person out there I'll be happy. All I ask of you guys is to help share and level the odds for non-insidors? 22/22

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