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Most of the content creators are going to be commoditized. I'm sure you don't want to be one of them. Here are the 5 things that will help you stand out:

1. Ideas Now, ideas are more precious than ever. You can see the new trend of visuals reels is started. Zach Pogrob, Dan Koe, Dakota, etc. Everyone is creating animated reels. But do you know who started this trend?

Naval started these videos with the help of @SmartNonsense But his volume was less. Then @zachpogrob came with his obsession & brought volume to it. He took these reels to the next level. Then Dan Koe hopped on it.

Now everyone is capitalizing on this new trend. That’s how social media works. The point is now everyone can create those types of videos. But the virality of that content depends on the idea. Reels with the best ideas will WIN.

2. Story "Those who tell stories rule society." - Plato Every piece of information is going to be commoditized. An entire sea of information is one prompt away. Most creators are copy-pasting from AI to social media. Stand out from this Ctrl C/Ctrl V gang by telling stories.

3. Personality If you’re telling your story then your personality is a vital part of it. AI can write content for you. But it can't write your story & embed your personality & emotions in it. Even if it did. How authentic will it be? Show your personality as much as you can.

4. Empathy The number one difference between AI-generated content & human-generated content is empathy. Everyone is in hurry to create content faster using AI. But no one is thinking about What are my audience's struggles? What are they going through? What help do they need?

Stop bombarding loads of content from the internet onto your audience's screen. Instead, be empathetic & serve what they need the most. Understand your audience. Talk with them.

5. Connections AI will write content. AI will do comments. AI will DM people. Then what the hell will you do? Making connections with people is the most important part of personal branding.

Are you letting a machine to make relations with others on your behalf? If not then start becoming more human. Start connecting with people. Then see how you grow as a person. And also see your personal brand growing.

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