aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



osasuna // professor osamu, student suna nsfw miya osamu: a psychology professor who is always making his twin brother lunch because he always hungry after practice suna rintarou: a college student who only goes to that class to day dream about his professor bending him over

"okay class, please open yer laptops then we can begin" suna took out his laptop, not realizing that he's been staring at his professor ever since he walked in. osamu chuckled, he's had his fair share of students flirting with him so he thought that this wouldn't be any

different. however, the way suna's eyes fixate on osamu chest and arms were interesting. osamu liked how suna did his eyeliner every morning, it made him look mysterious and it made him stand out from everyone else.

~ as osamu was teaching, suna couldn't get the image of osamu hovering over him out of his head. it was hard to focus on the lesson when all rin could think about was how good osamu looked in that tight long sleeve shirt. "Mr. Suna, are ya listening?"

rin was snapped out his his trance by his professor's stern voice trying to get his attention. "oh uhm yeah, sorry." osamu kept his eyes on rin for a few more seconds then proceeded with the lesson. those few seconds made rin feel like he was the only one in the room.

~ as class was coming to an end, suna decided to stay behind and work on the essay that was assigned since he didnt have another class. he watched as everyone else was leaving and opened his notebook to work on his draft.

osamu noticed this and walked over. "ya gonna work here? there's a library just down the hall" suna looked up to see his professor over him like he imagined it. "y-yeah, i didn't feel like being around people." osamu nodded and took a seat next to rin.

"didja need help with anythin?" 'oh my god oh my god oh my god' rin thought as he glanced at osamu's bicep. "uhm yeah, i-i didn't understand the question you wanted us to answer" osamu raised an eyebrow. rin pointed at the question that was on the laptop.

"how do you study a person? what is the study of people?" os what the question said. "im not sure what you meant by that" rin turned his head to look at osamu who was looking at the screen, then back at rin. "it's like how ya study me every time we have class"

rin's eyes went wide and he froze 'did he notice?' he thought as he just stared at his professor. osamu chuckled and leaned in, putting his hand on rin's thigh. "don't act all innocent now, i always catch ya starin'" rin bit his lip, not sure what to do so he just sat there.

"i-i don't know what you me-" osamu's grip on rin's thigh got tighter as he put a hand under his chin "don't play dumb, if ya wanted me that bad ya could've just asked." and with that, osamu began kissing rin's neck, trying to find it sweet spot.

when he jolted, that's when osamu knew he found it. "stay still fer me doll" osamu put his hand on rin's waist and pulled him closer. "ah m-mr. miya" osamu licked and nibbled on rin's sweet spot.

"call me osamu, i wanna hear ya say my name" rin gripped osamu's shoulders. once osamu let go and stopped kissing rin he stared into his eyes. "the study of people is what psychology is about. the essay is due a week from thursday, ya should get on it"

continuation of this ⬇️⬇️

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