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Let's talk about F1 front tyre wake!! For open wheel race cars, the wake from the front tyre is a very important thing to understand. It can impact many of the aerodynamic elements downstream. The complex structures around the tyre are 3D, and very complex #F1Tech ?

There are many research papers and articles studying this very phenomena. What you should know is that the wake is not stagnant but influenced by many factors like tyre rotation speed, wheel covers/no covers, tyre deflectors, etc.. #F1Tech ?

Previously the F1 wheels were exposed to the flow, but with the updated technical regulations using wheel covers, the aim was to reduce the dirty air from this interaction. The aim of the wheel covers was to clean up the width of the wheel wake. #F1Tech ?

Additionally, a front tyre deflector has been added to reduce the FT turbulence intensity and push it lower to the ground. One negative of this is the relocation of flow structures inboard towards the tunnel entry. This is likely managed by the outer most floor strake. #F1Tech ?

A tool at the disposal of F1 engineers is the Front Wing for front tyre wake control. Not only does the FW generate downforce for aero balance, it also conditions the flow for downstream elements. The FT wake is influenced by these vortical structures from the FW. #F1Tech ?

The location of the end plates can greatly influence this interaction of the vortices with the FT. The location of the vortices, inboard or outboard of the FT is greatly influenced by this. The updated regs for 2009 show this well. #F1Tech ?

The updated technical regulations have removed a lot of the aero complexity of the FW. This removes some of the tools that teams had to manage the FT wake. Teams have resorted to using the side pods for much of this wake control. #F1Tech ?

One interesting interpretation of the regs by @MercedesAMGF1 resulted in this cut FWEP. Without the CFD it's hard to say for sure, but one thought is potentially the unloading of the tip might generate some vorticity that could be swept under the FW and inboard of the FT. #F1Tech

Inboard of the front brake drum is a FOM mostly spec component called the front drum deflector. This may act like a dive plane and generate minimal vorticity to help with inboard FT wake deflection. #F1Tech ? @ScarbsTech

I hope you have enjoyed this #F1Tech ?on FT wake structures and the importance of controlling them. The updated regulations have made it more challenging, but teams are still finding ways to innovate. What could we see in 2023? Next tech thread will be coming, stay tuned!

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