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Early-stage companies shouldn’t need to spend big $$ on lawyers for basic documents. Here are the templates every startup can use:

2/ To hire your first contractor, you’ll need Consulting Agreement. It includes the NDA, IP protection, and invention assignment.

5/ When selling smaller checks, use terms of use to regulate your relationship. Larger clients require a sales agreement. Some require an NDA

6/ If you still have to use a lawyer, use Upcounsil by @XavierHelgesen and @SievaKozinsky. You’ll get a qualified help and won't end up paying $500/h for them just to consider your work.

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re: some feedback. It's not legal advice, make your own decisions. Just some resources that were useful for me. Templates will not work for any situation. Read them before using. Also, if you take legal advice from Twitter, you should not be a founder, go do something else.

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