Aisha S. Dickerson, PhD

Aisha S. Dickerson, PhD



I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what to include in DEI statements given my previous tweet. Here are my thoughts for people of various demographic identities ??

1. Write about how diversity has impacted your development and engagement with people. How has it contributed to helping you recognize the bias around you and what have you done to mitigate the problems you see? Are you an ally or complicit?

2. Write about how you consider diversity in your teaching, mentorship, research, & service. Do you discuss the issues of race as a social construct in research and the impacts of racism? Are you volunteering to mentor in DEI programs or do folks have to beg you to…and why?

3. How will you CONTRIBUTE to DEI at your institution? Your being underrepresented should NOT be your only contribution. Clarence Thomas is underrepresented too. Your seat at the table is likely the result of DEI efforts of people who came before you.

Your perspective & experience are what you bring to the institution, so how will you use it? Do you keep your head down and go with the status quo or do you make your presence count (in a positive way)?

Ex discussion pts: -experiences interacting with multicultural pops (not specific people) -thoughts on DEI issues & opportunities -how you integrate DEI into pedagogy & scholarship -how you support student groups & DEI initiatives -How you plan to develop & engage further

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