Manliness Norms ⚡

Manliness Norms ⚡



Relationship principles every couple should know:

1. You can't waste your life in insecure relationships. Either trust each other 100% or leave. 2. If someone ghosts you, respect the dead and move on.

3. You won't have a healthy relationship with someone else if you have a toxic relationship with yourself. 4. Stop searching for the right person and focus on becoming the right person.

5. If someone likes you, you'll know. If they don't, you'll be confused. 6. If taking care of yourself means letting someone down, then let someone down.

7. Your self-love must always be stronger than your desire to be loved by others. 8. The people you allow into your life are contagious. Choose wisely and cut quickly.

9. Your ability to do things together should be high and diverse. Do things that help build partnerships. Cook, go for a walk or may just gaze the stars together.

10. If your partner doesn't find you as the first person to seek support, you're wasting each other's time. 11. You can't expect a relationship to do well when one of the deepest human desires - to feel important - isn't respected. Make them feel important.

12. You won't have a healthy relationship if you two can't contribute to each other's good emotional space. 13. Stop ignoring or taking your partner for granted because eventually they kill even the strongest of the feelings.

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