aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



miyacest + cockwarming osamu has a ridiculously large cock while atsumu has more of a petite frame. "sit on it tsumu" atsumu was currently writing an essay for school when he turned around to look at osamu that was laying on the bottom bunk.

so he took off his pants on placed them on the desk and grabbed his laptop and walked towards osamu to sit on his cock while he worked. "yer already hard?" osamu looked at atsumu who looked back at him and nodded. atsumu aligned himself with osamu's cock and put it in.

they sat like that for what felt like forever, until atsumu started moving his lower body "i thought ya wanted to do yer work" atsumu chuckled "we got the same class samu so ya have to do this essay too...and besides, i wanted ta have a little fun"

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