aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



sakuatsu // cuntboy atsumu, omegaverse jealous alpha kiyoomi who hates seeing atsumu talk to other men, walks over to atsumu and pulls him away from another alpha who doesn’t seem to care that atsumu is already marked with his scent.

“o-omi wait!” kiyoomi didn’t have time for atsumu’s whines, he was too angry at the situation to even think straight. kiyoomi dragged atsumu to a secluded area and pinned him against the wall “what. the. fuck. do you think your doing?”

atsumu tried to explain why he was talking to another alpha that wasn’t his brother or his father but kiyoomi didn’t care. “you know your mine, or do i have to remind you?” atsumu already knew where this was going “yet gonna have ta remind me omi-omi”

kiyoomi gritted his teeth as he leaned in to bite atsumu’s neck. “ah o-omi not here” kiyoomi continued to hit down on atsumu’s neck, licking and kissing it until he left a mark. “you obviously don’t know who you belong to, so i have no other choice”

kiyoomi’s hands trailer down to the rim of atsumu’s pants, pulling them down just enough to where he was exposed to him. “i will make you my mate all over again” kiyoomi didn’t waste any time slipping his im fingers inside of atsumu.

swirling them around while kiyoomi is still kissing atsumu’s neck. “ah! hah nngh~” atsumu arched his back as he felt kiyoomi’s finger try to get deeper inside of him. (ran out of ideas sorry but they fucked goodnight lol)

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