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#sakuatsu making out in the supply closet at all youth training camp is such a good flavor They didn't think it would get so heated but the incomprehensible craving that both had for each other made them get carried away, what was supposed to be an innocent kiss escalated quick

With atsumu's back pressed against the wall and kiyoomi's hands in the blondes waist, graving his shirt hard enough to wrinkle, atsumu's hands doing the same in the fabric covering kiyoomi's shoulders They just wanted to try seeing how it made them feel to kiss one another

Verify that kiyoomi's crush was actually one and not some type of liking that he suddenly got after learning to tolerate the blonde (and seeing the way he folds his clothes and organize them by color) And also make sure that atsumu's crush wasn't just some weird liking

For meticulous, clean people with pretty hair and long fingers, because if it was that then samu would of never let him forget about it But then they got there, and after a few awkward and shy shared pecks, the both of them couldn't stop, bated breaths and red cheeks

And maybe there was no more room for awkwardness when kiyoomi pressed atsumu completely to the wall, his own body caging the shortest And when his hands found the blondes hips and his fingers felt like they were being shocked, his surprise making him step back abruptly

Which left the other whining and gasping for air that he didn't notice was already necessary and needed The raven haired boy couldn't help but stare so intensively that atsumu felt shy all of a sudden, his red cheeks, elaborated breath and hazy eyes making him look unreal

Like something out of kiyoomi's most shameful but common dreams And if when the blonde starts running his fingers through the hairs in the other's nape this provokes the raven to hold his hips enough to bruise, already thinking of stopping him just as atsumu says, in a whisper

"Plea...please don't stop" Then maybe they didn't make it to breakfast on time the next day, too occupied in wanting to prove that what they had for each other was more than attraction, a liking that had them exploring more

//they're just some horny teenagers that don't know how to deal with their feelings so they decide to make out to evaluate the situation (totally kiyoomi's idea and atsumu just heard "kissing omi" and was immediately in)

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