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Many eyes only ever move within the confines of a screen these days. The muscles involved eventually lose their tone like untrained legs get weak. Your focus drops and your head starts to ache. /How to Exercise Your Eye Muscles for the 21st Century

1/ Basic movements You have twelve eye muscles to expand your visual experience. These basic motions will ensure they active if you look at a screen for a living. Do them at the end of your day.

2/ Tracking Exercises Train your eyes to follow a moving target without losing focus. The founder of @posture_pro Annette Verpillot was the first health professional to recommend such exercises to me. This video shows one of my clients doing Figure 8’s.

3/ Go outside You’ll read this one a lot around Twitter because it’s important. Your body needs the sunlight, and outdoor landscapes are much more stimulating than a confined room. Alternate your focus between near and far targets.

4/ Eightball Training This method is by far the most intense I’ve tried so far. Your eye muscles work like crazy and you feel a lot of blood flow - It was overwhelming at first. You hold the sheet close to your face and focus on one ball at a time, then 2, 3, up to 5 at once.

The windows to your soul.

Eye exercises work your brain out.

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