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Men, this advice will help you fight through any addiction in 30 days only ;

What happens when you get a phone notification? You immediately reach for it and open. Irrespective of the situation. Why do you do this? Have you thought about this? Understanding this simple behaviour will help you cure many of your addictions with ease. How? Let me explain...

First I am going to explain the science behind it in simplicity at 5th grade level with a basic example. The phone notification. Then I will explain how to apply this to the addiction you are trying to fight.

Classical conditioning. A learning process of the brain where repeated exposure to a stimulus (notification) and an action (open msg) creates a neural pathway that conditions a new behaviour. Over time this becomes automatic and a hard loop to break. Why is this important?..

This is what happens back end - when you get a notif and open the app, you get a spike in dopamine from the action. Dopamine is a chemical that basically is a pleasure response. Over time your brain associates the notif beep to pleasure and is programmed to reach for the fone..

What began as an unconditioned response - you CHOSE to open the phone to check out the msg.. Turns gradually into a conditioned response - You HAVE to open the phone to check the msg.. This is the beginning of the dopamine addiction loop.

Now simply extend this idea to your personal poison. You get dopamine when you indulge in any substance. Alcohol, cigarettes, weed, pills.. and yes, especially porn (extremely high dopamine spike). Repeated use conditions your brain to associate pleasure with indulgence..

A new neural pathway is created which makes it very hard to resist even the slightest urge to indulge. This is what you call impulsive behavior. You immediately act based on the slightest impulse with no sense of control. This is not lack of willpower. This is brain chemistry

So how do you fight this? How do you make this work for you?.. You use a technique called "Stimulus control". This is a cognitive behavioral therapy technique to restrict impulsive action using dopamine modulation without relying on willpower. Let me explain...

Stimulus control is about moderating how you control the two types of stimuli, • External - Notif, insta hoez, alcohol • Internal - Emotions, Urges Both of these are inter related. One often feeding from the other. To stop impulsive action you must handle both.

External stimulus : Easier to deal with because by definition they are external and you have a degree of control over them. Identify your external stimulus first. What triggers your action? Is it the sight of booze, is it browsing instagram, is it having weed at home?

Put the stimulus (like your phone) away or make it harder to access. Engage in an alternative activity that is incompatible with the stimulus Use website-blocking software Throw away bongs and weed Empty your fridge of vodka Always increase friction btw you and the behavior

Your goal here is to identify what triggers you - i.e the stimulus AND put into place a simple system to handle this. For ex : Going for a walk, 25 pushups everytime you get the craving etc Simplicity is key. Because it is repeatable. Repetition = habit forming

Internal stimulus : Requires more work because some of them are sub conscious behavior. Several of them trauma based. One simple technique to fight this is by what is called in therapy as " exposure and response prevention " Read on...

Notice when the impulses arise, and what thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing in that moment. Practice “urge surfing”: watch the desire to engage in the conditioned response come and go without giving into it. Return to whatever you are doing on instead, with non-judgement

Simultaneously you also need to get to the bottom of the cause for these triggers ... Past trauma, self esteem problems, unresolved childhood issues. Or sometimes just plain boredom from a mundane life. Figure this out, get help if needed.

Over time, you weaken the classical conditioning in a process called ‘habituation’, which ultimately restores your behavioral flexibility. You now have more impulse control, you are able to say NO instead of automatically reaching for a donut or your favourite porn site.

When I coach my clients, I teach them how to fight addictions by building systems to fight stimuli and techniques to redirect their emotions whilst simultaneously fixing brain chemistry Very effective, helped a 10 year weed addict quit just last week

If you truly seek transformation and awakening, to burn away your addictions, build better habits and systems, explore your potential - apply to work with me ( Paid coaching ) I will only accept serious inquiries

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