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ChatGPT is a FREE assistant. But most people don’t know the best ways to use it. Here are 8 ways ChatGPT can save you thousands of hours in 2023:

1/ Substitute for google search While ChatGPT is: • Lacking info beyond 2021 • Occasionally incorrect and bias Many users leverage its ability to: • Answer specific questions • Simplify complicated topics All with an added bonus - No ads!

2/ Study partner Type “learn” Then paste a link to your online textbook (or individual chapters). Ask Chatbot to provide questions based on your textbook. Boom. Now you have a virtual study buddy.

3/ Train YOUR OWN Chatbot I bet you didn’t know it’s possible to: 1. Integrate ChatGPT into your website 2. Train it with customized information The result: A virtual customer service bot that can hold a conversation and answer questions (meaningfully).

4/ Counsellor When it comes to turbulent personal questions, Chatbot may spit out a disclaimer. But it will also give you straightforward and actionable advice.

5/ Coding ChatGPT is opening the development of: • Apps • Games • Websites To virtually everyone. It’s a lengthy and technical process, But all you need is a killer idea and the right prompts. Bonus: It also de-bugs your existing code for you.

6/ Outline your content marketing strategy As an example, I’ve asked Chatbot for an AI SaaS content strategy. It’s fairly basic, But you can ask Chat to extrapolate on each point until you’ve got a detailed roadmap.

7/ Craft all your marketing materials Type “learn” and paste any existing copy (landing page, articles, etc). Then ask it to generate: • Ads • Blog posts • Email templates • Landing page copy • Social media posts / captions They’re not perfect, but make great templates.

8/ Creative writing ChatGPT is revolutionizing creativity. It can write: • Poems • Story plotlines • Music and lyrics • Scripts for movies, youtube, Tiktok, etc. It can even write your wedding vows. Just don’t tell the mrs…

ChatGPT has opened up a ton of unknowns. But 1 thing is for certain. Those who understand how to enter the right prompts will get the most out of this groundbreaking tech.

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