Want the technique Tony Robbins uses to design his life? It’s taught by the most expensive executive coaches in the world. Here’s how it works (and how you can use it immediately):

The closer life feels like play, the more we feel we are thriving. To get into flow in all aspects of your life, you need a good scorecard. Enter the Wheel of Life.

The Wheel of Life is a simple but powerful tool to assess your life. Many executive coaches have new clients complete this in the first meeting. Tony Robbins uses it in his most expensive seminars.

The purpose of the Wheel of Life: Determine how satisfied you are with the different areas of your life so you can decide where you want to make changes. Here’s how to use it:

First, rename any section to something more relevant to your life. For example, some people like to change Health to the following subcategories: -Nutrition -Strength -Flexibility -Stress -Sleep Zoom in to find the right words and level of granularity for you.

Second, view the center of the wheel as a 0 and the outer edges as a 10. Now rank your level of satisfaction with each area by giving the section a number and shading it in accordingly.

After this assessment, most people do not have a round wheel. Some sections are more complete than others. Round wheels roll best.

Pick no more than 2 areas to work on. It is hard to make improvements in many places at once.

Ask yourself: What does a 9 of 10 look like in each area? If you can determine what a 9-10 is in each of your areas, you have defined what winning YOUR game looks like.

Pick a reasonable timeframe for your goals. Treat getting to a 10 in each area like a game. Resist the pull of other peoples’ scorecards.

If you have a partner, do the exercise together. Repeat this exercise 1-2 times per year to track progress. Go play.

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