revereri 🫠 suffering

revereri 🫠 suffering



nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 12 • roleplay + toys , power dynamics // "ya wanted to speak with me, atsumu?" coach asks, leading him to his office. atsumu follows behind him, playing with the ends of his jacket. he knows what he wants to ask for, but he's nervous. +

still, he thinks about his dream to play on the national volleyball team, and knows this is a necessary step he must take. the coach sits down and indicates for atsumu to take the seat opposite him. atsumu looks down at his lap, still fiddling with his fingers, +

trying to work up the courage. meanwhile, his coach watches him. "i—" atsumu finally begins. he steels himself, looks up directly into his coaches eyes, and spreads his legs apart. "i want to be starting setter." there's a flash of heat in the coach's eyes, +

but he doesn't give anything away. he leans back and puts his hand to his chin. "hm. and do you think you deserve that position?" this fires atsumu up. he immediately begins, "yes. i've worked hard, you've seen the progress i've made this entire year. +

i know that if i was allowed to start then i could be even better. please, let me show you." coach watches him in silence. atsumu waits anxiously. just as he thinks this might've all been for nothing, his coach responds, "alright. but it'll cost ya." +

atsumu gulps. this, he knew was coming. he'd heard the stories before, from his senpais who wanted to offer him advice. 'he's a bit of a sleezy one,' the captain said. 'but if you're desperate and willing to do anything, then he's the man for it,' another added. +

"i'm— i understand, coach. what will you have me do?" atsumu just hopes it won't include murder. he doesn't want to go to jail! "why don't ya come here?" coach says, patting his lap. atsumu gets up, and cautiously makes his way over to him. +

when he's close enough, coach pulls him in by the hips and sets him on his lap. /he's strong,/ atsumu realises, gulping. he can already feel himself start to stir, his arousal heightening when he looks down and sees the size of his coach's bulge. +

"you're so pretty, you know that?" coach says, taking atsumu's jacket off him. atsumu can't help it, he blushes. he helps his coach take off his shirt and shudders when the cold air hits his skin. his nipples immediately stand at attention, and don't go unnoticed by his coach. +

"mm," coach hums appreciatively, flicking each bud. "pretty." then he begins to pull atsumu's shorts down. atsumu sucks in a gasp—it was obvious this was where the coach was leading them, but he still didn't expect it. +

his coach lets out a chuckle when he sees atsumu's hard cock, and atsumu tries not to feel embarrassed. his cock is not the most impressive, if a bit on the smaller side, but he likes it. right now, he just doesn't like how it shows how excited he is. +

"excited, are ya?" his coach asks, as if reading his thoughts. "why don't ya lie across my lap? then we'll have some fun." atsumu does as his coach says, lying down on his stomach. his cock brushes against the slacks of the other man, and the friction makes him jerk. +

"why don't we start with ten for now? for your insolence in thinking you can make demands to me." before atsumu can ask what his coach is talking about, a hand comes down hard on his asscheek. atsumu jumps, and can't help but swear, "fuck." +

"what was that?" his coach asks, the anger rising in his voice. "count." "o-one," atsumu stutters. he can't fucking believe this is happening. at around seven or eight, atsumu feels like he can't take it anymore. he begins to whimper, gripping onto the side of the chair, +

onto his coach's thighs. "i can't," he confesses, scared but not wanting any more. "you must," his coach replies simply, though he rubs his hand over atsumu's sore spots, attempting to soothe him. atsumu doesn't know how he does it, but he gets through the rest of the spanks. +

"good boy," his coach tells him. "i reckon you'll make a fine starting setter after all." atsumu's heartbeat quickens, wondering if it was over. if he'd paid his dues. "am i—" he swallows, "do i have the position?" but his coach only laughs. +

"oh, of course not. ya think that was enough to change my mind? we've got a long night ahead of us, boy." as it turns out, atsumu's coach has a lot more planned for him. he quickly slicks up a dildo and pushes it into atsumu's ass, fucking him with it while +

calling him a slut, asking if he gets on his knees for anyone who asks. then he has atsumu on his back, vibrator strapped to his cock, fucking his sensitive hole. a condom is a must, he says—he doesn't know how many other cocks have taken atsumu's dirty hole. +

the night finally ends following atsumu's fourth orgasm of the night, forced out of him with his coach's relentless tugging of his cock, saying he wants to see atsumu cry. and he does, coming with a sob, a loud wrecked, "samu!" only afterwards, does he realise his mistake. +

atsumu looks up at his twin, who's wearing a complicated expression, and says, "fuck. shit. sorry. um, do ya—" "it's fine," osamu shakes his head. "we were just about finished anyway." he leans forward and presses a kiss to atsumu's forehead. +

"you've worked hard today, darling brother." "mm," atsumu sighs, content. though, his ass still hurts. he shifts in the bed, trying to get into a comfortable position. somewhere beside them, the vibrator is still buzzing. "same could be said for you," he tells osamu. +

"nah, being able to play with ya made it easy. you're a fuckin' gem, tsumu." atsumu, inevitably, blushes. "you're so stupid. but thanks." "i'm gonna go grab ya some water and a towel. want anythin' else?" "an explanation for the whole condom business, maybe?" +

osamu gets up and walks away, while replying, "what? didn't ya think it was hot?" atsumu considers for a moment. "i mean, /yeah/, but i would've likedta take ya raw." "but it /wasn't/ me, was it?" osamu calls from the kitchen. "it was yer volleyball coach." +

"still /you/ though," atsumu argues petulantly. osamu is totally right. even if it was him, the whole point of the roleplay was that it wasn't him. and to be honest, being fucked with a condom after such a long time made for a different experience. still, though. +

osamu soon returns, cup of water and wet towel in hand. as atsumu drinks, osamu cleans them up, murmuring sweet words of praise. he doesn't have to, atsumu knows exactly how osamu feels about him, but it's a nice gesture nonetheless. +

as they settle in for the night, arms wrapped around each other, atsumu jokes, "i hope ya don't give out special flavours like that to yer employees." he then actually /feels/ osamu's whole body cringe at that. "oh my god. don't ever say that again, that would be disgusting." +

"ya save all that for me," atsumu replies, feeling more fond than he should. "'course," osamu says, burying his face into the side of atsumu's neck. it tickles, a bit, and atsumu squirms. osamu then adds, "i save all my deranged activites for you." +

"i'm touched," atsumu drawls, but he's smiling. exhausted in more ways than one, the two men soon fall asleep together, the love between them following even into their dreams.

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