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How to be a professional 15 traits that will set you apart:

Professionals are patient The professional understands delayed gratification. Unlike amateurs, they sustain consistent performance over long periods of time. They mentally prepare for the long haul ahead.

Professionals don’t glamorize The professional focuses on the labor, not the fruit of it. They are not distracted by glory and mystique. They do the work, nothing more and nothing less.

Professionals move through fear The professional knows that fear is never overcome. It is navigated and managed. They don’t wait until they feel fearless to begin. The move, knowing the antidote to fear is action.

Professionals accept no excuses The professional knows if they give in today, they’ll be twice as likely tomorrow. So they don’t even consider it. Everyone has a life, and everyone has problems. But when there’s a job to do, they do it.

Professionals accept reality The professional lives life in the real world. Things aren’t fair. Nothing is owed. Little is guaranteed. There are bad bounces and unlucky breaks. You can do your best and still fail. This is life. Accept it and face it.

Professionals prepare The professional isn’t just prepared for their job. They’re prepared for uncertainty. They’re mentally and emotionally steeled. They know the world is unpredictable. They stand ready to adapt and continue their mission.

Professionals don’t show off The professional doesn’t need to say how good they are. Their work speaks for itself. Style is one thing. Arrogance is another.

Professionals respect their craft The professional knows they are never too good to get better. They know mastery is a pursuit, not a destination. They seek greater levels of technique. They contribute to the knowledge base. There’s always more to learn.

Professionals ask for help The professional never believes they know it all. They have mentors, coaches and advisors. They continuously seek knowledge and insight. They remain forever students.

Professionals don’t take it personally The professional sees success and failure as the same. They’re outcomes. They don’t get too high or too low. They know all they control is the work. Everything else exists outside of them.

Professionals endure adversity The professional’s path is never easy. You see the mountaintop. They see the years prior spent trudging through the valley. Life in the arena is messy. Endurance is non-negotiable.

Professionals self-validate The professional looks only to themselves. They aren’t concerned with the critic. The critic will be gone tomorrow, and the professional will still have work to do. Know what voice ultimately counts. There’s only one.

Professionals know their limitations A professional can’t be a professional at everything. They know where they’re great and where they’re not. They build a team of other pros around them.

Professionals reinvent themselves The professional who doesn’t evolve loses his seat. Reinvention is a must. They have the courage to let go and the humility or begin again.

Professionals make the decision The professional decides to become one. There’s no mystery to being a pro. It’s a decision. Choose to become a professional, and then operate like one.

Bonus: Professionals uphold their standard My buddy is a retired Navy SEAL. I asked him how he defines a professional: “Professionals uphold their standard.” Period. Some days, you will fail to reach it. But you never stop striving for it.

These concepts are synthesized from Steven Pressfield's book "The War of Art." I highly recommend it. Follow me @TMitrosilis for more on growth + improvement. I write deep dives on topics like this in The Process. Join 8,600+ others:

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