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If you haven't read these 21 books, you shouldn't be leading anyone. THREAD:

1) Multipliers by @LizWiseman What you'll learn: - How you might be accidentally holding your team back - What you can do (Action items!) to help everyone on your team be at their best

3) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by @patricklencioni What you'll learn: - Why team culture starts with Trust - How you can build a team invested in the results of the whole

7) The Book of Beautiful Questions What you'll learn: - How questions can help you connect and lead - Why questions can help you make better decisions and innovate

8) Mindset by Carol Dweck What you'll learn: - Why mindset is everything and failure is a critical part of growth - How to encourage others to reach their potential

11) The Greatest Salesman in the World What you'll learn: - 10 principles you need to follow to be successful at anything in life - The Power of Mindset

12) Emotional Intelligence 2.0 What you'll learn: - Why Emotional Intelligence is responsible for 80% of your success - Tactics you can use to become more aware of your emotions, and the emotions of others

20) Extreme Ownership by @jockowillink What you will learn: - The total focus principles that enable SEAL units to accomplish the most challenging combat missions - How teams change when leaders decide to take Extreme Ownership

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I wonder what books @CallieField @KatColeATL @JohnLegere and @elonmusk would recommend. ??

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