Alexey Navalny

Alexey Navalny



1/20 Life in Russia has completely turned into a set of episodes from the movie "Wedding in Malinovka". There is not even a semblance of law and order, and the main faces are some gang members.

2/20 It turns out that Putin's cook Prigozhin came to my penal colony as well in order to recruit convicts into his battalions.

3/20 An eyewitness recounts: "He arrived by helicopter, all the convicts were gathered at the stadium together with their superiors. Prigozhin was small and bald."

4/20 Prigozhin said: "I've done 10 years myself, I'm calling on you to become my storm troopers. In six months I'll issue a pardon to everyone, you have five minutes to think about it."

5/20 After that, 80-90 people went to the headquarters (administration building) to register, and then there was a second wave of recruitment.

6/20 What I want to say is that you and I don't fully understand what terrible long-term consequences all this recruitment will have.

7/20 There are 440,000 people sitting in Russian prisons. Over a short period of time a couple of million people pass through the system of pre-trial detention facilities and prisons. They are the Russian criminal population.

8/20 That is, the police, the IC, the courts and prisons mainly exist for them. We spend enormous amounts of money and effort to keep them from committing crimes.

9/20 And now 100% of this population, the law-abidingness of which we so desperately want to increase, knows exactly: there is no law, no courts, no rules. All of this is a fiction - these lies about educational work and correction as an opportunity for parole.

10/20 All of this is a fiction - these lies about educational work and correction as an opportunity for parole. At the snap of a finger, literally within 24 hours, murderers and robbers with huge prison sentences are released not by the court, and not even by Putin,

11/20 but by the small bald man who comes to prisons with a story about doing 10 years himself. And all these colonels, lieutenant-colonels, operatives, tutors, and security officers, who were only just puffing their cheeks

12/20 and imagining themselves to be, if not all-powerful, then some kind of guardians of the law, stand at attention before this "great warlord," whose image lacks only a huge bottle of muddy moonshine in his hands.

13/20 And this generation of criminals, and many generations to come, will tell each other stories along the lines of "He still had 15 years left to serve for two murders, but they let him out."

14/20 And this will be right up there with false, hypocritical lectures about how you have to participate in artistic activities in order to get commendations and qualify for parole many years later.

15/20 And it's not just about convicts. Even though there aren't many of them, there still are decent people in the penitentiary system.

16/20 How must they feel standing at the stadium next to convicts, to whom a former criminal announces: "If you're ready to be my storm troopers, in five minutes I'll take you away from here, and in six months you're free with a pardon."?

17/20 Both the courts, and the investigators, and the FSB are complicit and involved in this, because they either have to cover it up, or organize it, or pretend not to notice it. This is the very real underlying corrosion of the foundations of the state.

18/20 We will be paying the price for this for a long time. Even if it were militarily expedient, even then it would be completely unacceptable. But even from the military point of view this is nonsense, the usual Putin-Prigozhin corruption crap.

19/20 Putin told Prigozhin to create squads of criminals, where they smash heads with sledgehammers and hold public executions. And all this for the purpose of shamelessly snatching a piece of land from the neighboring state.

20/20 The foundations of law are being destroyed in Russia for the sake of a future defeat in a shameful war.

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