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Jason Andrews



1. Wealth levels: THREAD Less than zero: Can be liveable if you’re young and higher income, but much harder the older you get or the lower your income. Work on increasing your income, lowering your expenses, and paying off high interest rate / low balance loans first.

2. At this level you should be spending ZERO on alcohol, weed, porn, clubbing, gambling, or any other stupid shit poor dumb people do. Unless you like being a debt slave.

3. Zero to $30k Hooray! You’re above ground! Same advice though. Keep paying off lowest balance / highest interest debt first and once you pay it off roll that payment into the next debt. Work on increasing income. Good time to get married.

4. $30k to $100k Start putting money into low cost index funds. Buy a book called global asset allocation and pick one.

5. $100k to $500k Buy a property to live in and rent it out if you ever move. Women start noticing. Vet them well. If you have low interest rate high balance loans, don’t pay them off any faster than you have to. Use the money to invest since you get a better return.

6. Work on skills - get handy around the house, learn to cook, get your own groceries, study health and fitness, etc Work on ending your vices, in particular addictions and emotional distortion. Develop your virtues. These pay off huge from here on out.

7. $500k to $1MM Feeling more comfortable about your future. Put 5% in crypto. Keep spending under control. Budgeting here is critical. Focus on quality of life, social relationships

8. $1MM to $2MM Feeling pretty good about your future comfort. If you’re not married you should be getting married. Vet ruthlessly. You no longer have to work at the highest possible paying job. Health becomes a major focus more than fitness.

9. You can also live basically anywhere in the country you want outside the city centers. But why would you do that? With a $350k house and moderate expenditures you can live off this indefinitely.

10. $2MM to $3MM Work is optional, depending on your desired lifestyle. You can work for enjoyment, fulfillment, fun money, etc. Live wherever you want in the world. KEEP YOUR SPENDING UNDER CONTROL Don’t keep up with the Joneses. Free time becomes more important

11. $3MM to $5MM Start thinking about legacy. Probably have a vacation house if you want one. Lots of time spent on tax and investment planning. Considering major charitable gifts.

12. $5MM to $10MM All your wants and needs are taken care of for the rest of your life unless you are an undisciplined fool lacking impulse control. Charity, or considering how you can fund things that will change the world in ways you like to see, becomes a major focus.

13. $10MM+ All your wants and needs are taken care of indefinitely, and despite spending all that you need to spend, your wealth is still likely to increase. You basically can’t spend your money faster than it accumulates.

14. Impulse control, moderation, and sobriety are paramount. Learn how to live well - free from addictions, in good health, with good relationships. If you have any vices get a great coach to help you end them.

15. This was written for young men. For young women, the best path is generally to find some moderate-paying, sustainable job you enjoy that you can support yourself with. Pay off your debts. Seek a promising man to partner with. Why?

16. I know dozens of single women who make $100k, $200k, $500k. You know how many of them are happy? ZERO Not even one. Wine and SSRIs are how they get through the day.

17. Now, maybe 50% of married women I know with careers like that are happy. With kids it goes up to about 75%. But even the ones who are happy wish they had more time to spend with family but they can’t because they work so much. They are desperate for more time.

18. The happiest women I know are all married with kids, used to have a $100k+ career, but scaled back or quit to spend time with kids and husband, who makes more money than she did. That is about a 100% happy rate as far as I can tell (and as a hypnotist I can usually tell).

19. Not everyone optimizes for life satisfaction the same way and it’s fine for people to have their own priorities. But I’ve seen several hard ass lawyers and execs turn happy housewife after their first kid and never look back. Enough times to think there’s something to it.

20. So that would be my advice for young women. Set up your life to prepare for a time when you can scale back your career to focus on family. Find a man on the track above and work together on it. Avoid basic stupid life mistakes and you’re on your way to what you truly want.

Every time.

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