aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



osasunaatsu // omega!atsu, omegaverse "which one are you going to choose atsumu?" in which, atsumu was tied between choosing osamu or suna to become his mate. it was difficult because he loved them both and didn't want to hurt the other's feelings.

"tha both of ya" osamu and rin froze. standing in their place, eyes wide. "ya-ya can't do that tsumu, ya can only have one" atsumu knew if he picked rin then he would have to see osamu be with someone else. but he knew if he picked osamu then he would have to see his heart

broken, even though rin doesn't show his emotions much. "i want both of ya, it wouldn't be fair ta the other" rin could sense that osamu was upset, mainly because he wanted atsumu all to himself. but he wanted to make atsumu happy.

"i can have both of yer pups when the time is right" osamu and rin looked at each other, they both knew they would have to learn to share. so they agreed. they agreed on sharing atsumu and making him theirs and their's alone.

they also agreed that when the time is right, they would both breed him at the same time so atsumu can have their pups. and atsumu would do anything to make his alphas happy.

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