avocado 🥑|| semi-ia 🤡

avocado 🥑|| semi-ia 🤡



#osaatsu #miyacest fem! atsumu and male! osamu body swapping. atsumu keeps peeking into osamu's shorts out of morbid curiousity and osamu finally grows frustrated. so he runs away into the bathroom, away from a screaming atsumu, and pulls up his shirt to oogle at his sister's

tits in the mirror. he meant it as a joke, just a way to piss off his tryanical sister who treats their body swap like a fucking joke, but he didn't mean to get wet at the sight of her perky breasts, nipples pink and pebbled by the cold. he promptly drops the shirt and

backtracks out of the bathroom, ignoring atsumu's whelming questions and taunts of 'pervert' after all this, he knew he was a pervert.

kinda fun to think about a miyaswap

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