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Welcome to Day Three… I'm excited to see that you've stuck with me up until the third day… If you think you found the previous threads valuable wait till you read this one.

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Today we're going to be doing some pre-writing rituals. (sorry i didn't know what else to call it ?) We have to determine three things today… Market sophistication Market awareness What our headline is going to be. These are very simple and straightforward. You'll see.

MARKET SOPHISTICATION This simply means one thing… How many products that solve the same problem have been in the market before yours? In our case now… How many tweet schedulers have been in the market before yours?

Currently there's : Tweet Hunter Hypefury Feedhive Typefully Buffer, etc There's a lot of them so this means your market is highly sophisticated. If your market has a high sophistication coming out to make the same claims everyone is making will be bad.

This is because the customers have heard all those claims before and to them yours is just "another one of those products" You might sell… but you won't sell as much as you would if you do this instead.. What should you do? Be a breath of fresh air. Bring something new.

If you're in a situation where your product does not have any features that separate it from others in the market… Get creative One of the greatest assets you can have as a copywriter is your imagination. If your product does not have any unique features..

Present it in a way that it sounds unique.. The best way to do this is to not talk about what your product will do. Talk about how it will do it. Let me show you an example: Instead of "My Software Will Help You Grow Your Audience On Twitter"

You can Say " Post tweets to your audience even while you're asleep" This works because your customers knows the more they tweet…. The higher their chances of growing. And they can't stay up all night trying to post more tweets..

So when you promise them that they can tweet while asleep… immediately they see an opportunity to tweet more times and grow their audience faster. You see… it's still the same tweet scheduler but presented in a different way.

On the other hand if the sophistication of your market is low you can just go ahead and state what your product will do.. It's easier to sell to markets that have lower sophistication.

MARKET AWARENESS This term is used to represent how much your customers know about your products and the solution to it. You can only determine this from the research results in the previous step (Knowing your Customer) Market awareness has 5 stages.

? Stage 1 - Customer does not know he has a problem not to even talk of knowing the solution. ? Stage 2 - Customer knows about his problem but does not know any solutions

? Stage 3 - Customer knows about his problem… has a couple solutions in mind but doesn't know about your product (your solution) ? Stage 4 - Customer now knows about you and your solution but doesn't want to buy from you yet.

? Stage 5 - Customer is now fully aware. All that remains is for them to pull out their credit card and buy. If you go through the results of the research you did about your ideal customer you will be able to determine which stage they're in..

Your job is to take them from whatever stage they're in down to the stage where they're ready to buy from you (stage 5) I'm going to use that research result example I showed you yesterday to demonstrate…

"I want to get leads from Twitter but I can't seem to grow my account. I've tried engagement groups, writing 8 tweets daily and still no improvement.. What should I do? Does anyone have any ideas"? Looking at this now… which stage do you think this person is at?

He knows his problem - > He can't grow his account He's tried a couple of solutions - > Engagement Groups, tweeting lots of times He's in the third stage. He doesn't know about your solution just yet.

For people in this stage…Here's what you should do to bring them down to stage five.. Talk about the desire in your copy and show proof (testimonials & social proof) that the desire can be achieved.. Then present your product as the solution..

Show them that your product has the ability to bring their desire to reality. If your customer happens to be in a different stage of awareness you can read breakthrough advertising by Eugene Schwartz and you'll see how to deal with it..

I would've talked about it here but that's an entire thread on its own.. ? Once you have that figured out.. It's time to write the headline.. You're going to create your headline depending on the market sophistication & awareness of your customer which you've just found out..

Here's how to do it..

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