It's so sad that the majority of young men have no energy, no drive, and no male aggression at all... They probably want to be productive, strong, and successful. But they just can't and have no clue why. Here are 6 Bad Habits that Keep Men Weak: Ò¬‡ï¸

1) Porn The prefrontal cortex, the most advanced part of our brain, understands that you're a loser and that you are looking at a screen. That's why you feel shame and guilt after watching porn and jerking off. But, what happens in your body and older parts of the brain?

The body doesn't know the difference between a virtual and a real woman. It thinks that you have such a variety of sexual options. When you bust a nut, your body thinks you have achieved your mission, which is to spread your seed, and is sending you a message to rest.

The majority of young guys are busting a nut 2, 3 even 6 times per day. And they wonder why they are lethargic and lazy and why they have no motivation. Your body thinks you're a legend, impregnating women 6 times per day...

2) Social Media Social media these days are literally softcore porn. You go onto Instagram you see, ass. You go onto TikTok you see, ass. It's so fucking toxic for your mental health, especially apps like TikTok with endless scroll and ultra-stimulating content.

Your dopamine receptors are completely fucked from that and you can't enjoy normal things in everyday life. That's why you feel so bored and depressed every day. Quitting social media is easier said than done, but at the end of this thread, you will know exactly how to do it.

3) Video Games All these nerds will disagree with me instantly, and give some irrational explanation why video games are actually good. They're extremely bad. You're getting the virtual simulation of the real thing you wanted.

You never wanted to level up in fucking Call Of Duty. You wanted to climb up the ranks of men around you. You wanted to obtain status and power. The more of a legend you're in the virtual world, the more of a loser you're in the real world.

4) Poor Sleep The time that you spend in bed is NOT the same as the hours of sleep you get. That's the most important thing you need to understand at the beginning of improving your sleep. If you wake up at 6 AM, it's not enough to be in bed at 10 PM.

If you want 8 hours of sleep, you need to be in bed at around 8 PM. Nobody does that. Good sleep efficiency is around 80%. That means that 80% of the time you were in bed, you were asleep. If you're in bed for 8 hours, you are probably getting around 6 and a half hours of sleep

5) Bad Diet This is common sense. Eating shitty processed western food is literally making you stupid. How can a guy who is eating 3-4 bad meals per day transform? In the begging, just choose 1 meal a day and change it to a meal that is based on vegetables (potatoes) and meat

6) Being Too Emotional You've been convinced as a young man that you should be in touch with your emotions. That makes you weak. If you want to be weak and not respected, and if you want to lose the attraction of women, then follow that BS advice.

That isn't to say that you shouldn't be aware of them. You should observe your emotions at a distance. A man who can't do that is fucking worthless. Meditation and journaling are amazing for this.

Now, how can you reverse these bad habits? You probably tried, and you probably struggled. The reason why is that all of these habits we spoke about are not actually problems. They are symptoms of the real core problem. The core problem is your mental health.

If you invest your time in learning and then improving your mental health you'll find that these bad habits will automatically with ease, start dropping away from your life. A person with good mental health doesn't jerk off 6 times a day and does not eat shit food.

Focus on your mental health and all of these habits will fix themselves. Watch this video which is an extended version of this very important topic:

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