Want the technique Beyonce uses to overcome imposter syndrome? The biggest stars in the world use it to get on stage. The most expensive Executive Coaches teach it too. Here’s how it works (and how you can use it for yourself):

Even the best in the world get insecure. They’ve just found ways to work with it skillfully. One technique Beyonce uses: Character Invention. Here’s a breakdown (and how you can use it):

Character Invention is rooted in drama therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The technique is to invent a character who can do what feels scary to you. Then, the “character” performs outside your comfort zone. Let’s take Beyonce, for example.

The kween herself is a master of Character Invention. Beyonce created Sasha Fierce to be her stage persona. Sasha is a fearless, audacious, incredibly brave performer.

This is how she explained it to Oprah years ago:

Sasha can do the pop star stuff on stage that Beyonce Knowles would be totally embarrassed to do. That’s the power of Character Invention. The version of you who has all your normal insecurities, worries, and self-doubts marvels at what your character can do.

Performers like Beyonce aren’t the only ones who use this technique. Top Executive Coaches teach Character Invention in seminars that cost over $10,000. But you can create a character for free. Here’s how you do it:

5 steps to Character Invention: 1. Envision the Character 2. Find the Name 3. Source the Trigger 4. Develop the Physicality 5. Practice Let’s unpack each one.

1. ENVISION THE CHARACTER Answer questions to develop the persona. What does this character do when: -You feel fear? -You feel nervous? -You feel insecure?

Get specific. Let the character have a personality. Borrow from fiction, history, heroes, etc. This will help you bring the details to life.

2. FIND THE NAME All great characters have a name. What do you call your Sasha Fierce? Give it a badass name that represents the values your character effortlessly brings to life.

3. SOURCE THE TRIGGER Identify the action or moments that initiate you to step into the character. For Beyonce, this is when she puts on her stilettos before going on stage. Find a physical action that launches the character.

4. DEVELOP THE PHYSICALITY Explore how the character feels in your body. Sasha Fierce has a specific posture, walk and even a way she holds her body in space.

If you are in your head, you’re dead. Your character is connected to your body. Explore the postures and physical movements of your character.

5. PRACTICE You can order coffee at Starbucks as your character. No one needs to know. Practice accessing the character when you need it in low-stakes environments.

Repetition is the mother of skill. More reps help your character be available when you need it most. Eventually, Beyonce practiced so much, she stopped needing Sasha Fierce. The capabilities of her character became a part of her.

Examples of when your character may be helpful: -Closing a deal -Making a speech -Giving a sales pitch -Giving a presentation -Doing anything that makes you nervous Anytime you need to “perform,” let your character shine.

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