V | Heartstopper smau 🍂📌

V | Heartstopper smau 🍂📌



- For You: a Heartstopper one-shot smau

Welcome to Heartstopper flowers, owned by Nick Nelson. Nick is happy with his life, his friends, and his flowers – its only when he meets Charlie Spring that he realizes maybe he’s missing something afterall.

Nick Nelson -30 years old -He/Him -Bisexual -Owner of Heartstopper Flowers

Charlie Spring -29 years old -He/Him -Gay -Literary agent at Truham Publishing

Tara Jones -30 years old -She/Her -Lesbian -Dating Darcy -Dance instructor at Loveless Studios Darcy Olsson -30 years old -She/Her -Lesbian -Dating Tara -Data analyst at Singh Investments

Tao Xu -29 years old -He/Him -Straight -Dating Elle -Film critic Elle Argent -30 years old -She/Her -Trans woman -Dating Tao -Model with Solitaire Agency

Isaac Henderson -29 years old -He/Him -Aro/Ace -Book reviewer for Higgs Magazine

1. Heartstopper Flowers

2. MONTH ONE Flower: Orange Blossom Meaning: Eternal love

3. Charlie’s POV

4. Nick’s POV

5. Nick’s POV cont’d

6. TWO WEEKS LATER Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda

7. THE NEXT DAY Nick’s Twitter

8. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda

9. Elle’s Twitter

10. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

11. Elle’s Instagram

12. MONTH TWO Flower: White Gardenia Meaning: Crushing on someone

13. Charlie’s POV

14. Nick’s Twitter

15. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

16. ONE WEEK LATER Charlie’s Instagram

17. Nick’s POV

18. Charlie’s Twitter

19. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

20. ONE WEEK LATER Charlie’s POV

21. Nick’s POV

22. Charlie’s Twitter

23. MONTH THREE Flowers: Blue Salvia Meaning: Thinking of you

24. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

25. Charlie’s Instagram

26. Nick’s Twitter

27. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda

28. Tara’s Twitter

29. Tara’s POV

30. ONE WEEK LATER Charlie’s POV

31. Nick’s Twitter

32. Charlie’s POV cont’d

33. ONE WEEK LATER Charlie’s Twitter

34. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

35. Charlie’s Instagram

36. Nick’s Twitter

37. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

38. MONTH FOUR Flowers: Yellow Acacia Meaning: Secret Love Thanks to @JayceTWrites for this suggestion!

39. Charlie’s Twitter

40. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

41. Nick’s POV

42. ONE WEEK LATER Charlie’s Instagram

43. Nick’s Twitter

44. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda

45. ONE WEEK LATER Charlie’s Instagram

46. Nick’s Twitter

47. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda

48. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda cont’d

49. MONTH FIVE Flowers: Purple Lilacs Meaning: Beginning of love

50. Nick’s Instagram

51. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]

52. Charlie’s POV

53. Nick’s Twitter

54. Nick’s POV

55. Charlie’s Twitter

56. Charlie’s GC - [gay panic]


58. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda

59. Nick’s GC - The Gay Agenda cont’d

60. Charlie’s POV

61. Written 🌙

62. Written 🌙 cont’d

63. Written 🌙 cont’d

64. Written ☀️

65. Written ☀️cont’d

66. Written ☀️cont’d


68. Charlie’s Instagram

69. Nick’s Instagram


71. Heartstopper Flowers

special thanks to my oldies GC for a random chat that brought this to life! so lucky to have found y’all ✨♥️ @mysweetcharlie_ @jxmilxn @JayceTWrites @tinycharlies @actualixelus @theo_reticaI @mightbacat @SioWosoBookNerd

hope you enjoyed this silly little Heartstopper smau one-shot! thanks for reading ✨♥️ wishing you luck + love, V

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