8 quick tips to improve your Typography skills...

1. Size Use as few font sizes as possible. No more than 3 or 4 per viewable section—or in total if you can help it.

Look at iOS settings or mail app. Look at the Twitter app, the Instagram app. All of them are using 1-3 font sizes per view. It's SO much easier to keep your designs balanced and clean when you limit your font sizes.

2. Weight Differentiate with font weight when possible. You can use font weight to better differentiate individual elements. Shoot for at least 2-3 font steps in weight. Don't use Regular AND Medium. Use Regular and Semibold, or Medium and Bold.

The more constraints you set the easier design becomes. Constraints foster creativity.

3. Headings Make sure your headings don't _feel_ weak. Sometimes you just need to experiment with several other options until you land on something that feels right.

Example of making a weak headline stronger

4. Alignment ABC—Always be connecting. You want to constantly be on the look out for lines of continuation. Look for ways to line up pieces of text with each other. Left alignment, baseline alignment, etc.

5. Line Height Get your line height in order. Don't ship a design without carefully considering at least a few different options.

Title Case or Sentence case headings will typically work well with 100% – 120% line height, whereas ALL CAPS titles typically work better in the 80%–100% range.

Body copy line-height can range between ~125% all the way up to ~175%. The longer the text, the more line height will be required to create enough negative space balance.

6. Width 45-75 characters per line of text is your sweet spot. RARE exceptions can be made for stylistic purposes.

This number refers to the amount of characters occupying one line of text within a paragraph, before a line break and text wrap. If that number is too low or too high, the paragraph becomes much less readable. Example:

7. Choose your fonts carefully Stylistic fonts can be fun addition for style, but make sure you have a good workhorse font with a solid x-height for the majority of your interface.

8. Colors Make sure you're using appropriate color contrast for your designs. Here's a good guide...


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