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Exactly nine years ago on Feb. 20, 2014, Ukraine was going through one of the bloodiest days in the three-month-long EuroMaidan Revolution. Also known as the Revolution of Dignity, it is often credited as one of the most consequential events in Ukraine's modern history.

The uprising started when the government of pro-Kremlin President Viktor Yanukovych suspended preparations for the signing of the Ukraine-EU association agreement on Nov. 21, 2013.

In protest with the decision and in support of Ukraine's European integration, hundreds of people gathered for a peaceful demonstration on Kyiv's central Independence Square.

On Nov. 30, the protesters were brutally beaten by riot police, sparking a nationwide uprising against Yanukovych's rule.

After three months of clashes with law enforcement attempting to clear out the streets, which only caused a bigger backlash, the revolution culminated on Feb. 18-20.

Then, law enforcement fired at crowds of unarmed protesters, killing about a hundred of them. They became known as the Heavenly Hundred.

A turning point came when on Feb. 20, the parliament, including lawmakers from Yanukovych’s Party of Regions, voted to condemn violence against the demonstrators. The next day, protesters demanded Yanukovych’s resignation. He soon fled Ukraine.

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