the hoshina my beloved chapter

the hoshina my beloved chapter



NSFW SunaOsa It was the way Rin's dick made him feel full that was intoxicating each one of his thoughts. Osamu's legs shook whenever Rin thrusted into him, always reaching deeper. +

But the way his eyes mostly were rolled back or how hard he was gripping the sheets worried Rintarou. He could also feel the tightness that only increased with each movement.

When a sob left Osamu's mouth, Rin stopped completely, leaning down and pressing a hand on his cheek. "'Samu? Samu, are you okay?" "Why did you stop?" Osamu cried out. "Why Rin?"

The desperate glassy eyes that met Rin's were precious. "What do you mean?" Rin asked a bit confused. "More, please, I want more," Osamu begged. "Don't stop 'til I ask ya to." Rin chuckled. "Well, anything for you if you ask that nicely."

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