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#sakuatsu with bookstore employee Kiyoomi and bookworm Atsumu who can't help but come back to his favorite bookstore every one or two times a week, he tends to read really fast and every penny he gets from his own work he'll be sure to spend it there

Kiyoomi always enjoys the days that he gets to see the blonde boy who lights up like sunshine the whole store every time he enters He watches carefully the way the man looks for his next read, normally always ends up on the fantasy section

And admires his looks as he flips the pages of a book that catches his attention His taste on literatura always seems to revolve around fantasy or ya, thus always having a hint of romance in them, which makes the raven worker's heart skip a beat at how endearing it is to him

But if there's something that Kiyoomi absolutely loves is the small talk after the blonde has finally decided on a book to take home He has to admit that when he first saw the man, he thought he's never seen nobody as gorgeous as him in his life

But still, he had to keep it professional, the small talk only consisting of simple greetings and wishes of a nice day But when the presence of Atsumu, he learned along the way, was more and more seen during the weeks, they started talking a little more

Greetings and so became little jokes to recommendations to book talk to dropping random facts about themselves that the other would pick and put on a special place on their minds And if the raven picked up the habit of reading every book the other bought

Only to have the chance to discuss about it with him next week, then nobody had to know Maybe one day he'll get the courage to confess to the sunshine like man, maybe one day he'll put his number on one of the pages, or maybe even a bookmark

Maybe he'll get inspiration from one of those so beloved romance books that the blonde has talked about, whichever it was he was sure do it right, only the best for his favorite customer

//this was inspired on my run to the bookstore and how the employee stopped me from leaving to give me a bookmark and a smiley face sticker, and obviously my brain went, what if sakuatsu? So I had to do it?

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