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If you are in your 20s and 30s, this is the best advice to put yourself ahead of 99% of people your age.

1. Don't rush into marriage Take your time before you make that lifetime commitment. The choice of your spouse is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Make sure that it is well-thought out and not just based on emotions.

2. Don't keep up with the Joneses Society will lead you to have a lavish lifestyle. You will get into debt just to keep up and end up with a lot of debt. You need to do your best to avoid consumer debt at all cost.

3. Chase your dreams Follow your dreams, but make sure your strategy is grounded in reality. Don't pursue a degree for the sake of passion if it won't pay well. You are at an age where you can afford to make mistakes. Failures teach you more about life than successes.

4. Burn no bridges Master the art of maintaining cordial relationships. Learn how to be tactful without inciting conflict when you don't want to be around people. Because life is too short, you can never be sure when you will need someone's help.

5. Making the wrong choices Having kids at a young age can impede people's ability to finish school and be financially stable. Learn to self control so you won't be expected to take care of someone else while you can't even take care of yourself.

6. Pick friends wisely Don't be influenced by friends who are into the nightlife and girls. Trust me, I have done it and it doesn't end well. Be with those who seek to improve themselves. Their influence will rub off on you, and you will want to better yourself as a result.

7. Prioritize health The best investment you can make in yourself now is prioritizing your health. Don't eat unhealthy foods and put off working out. Make an appointment with a doctor once a year to detect and prevent diseases. Your health is your wealth.

8. Open a Roth IRA The Roth IRA is one of the best accounts that you can have. The account can help you build a big nest egg as the investments can grow tax-free for decades. Its advantage: - Tax-free growth - Tax-free withdrawal - Can be used as an emergency if necessary

9. Become financially literate There are many people who earn a lot of money yet struggle with personal finances and continue to live paycheck to paycheck. The easiest approach to being financially successful is to learn to manage your money.

10. Use your 401(k) Your employer-sponsored plan is one of the best tools to get you started with investing. Put your money up to the match amount and let your money work for you. Do not leave free money on the table.

11. Create an emergency fund The ability to handle life's unexpected curveballs necessitates having an emergency fund. People's finances have been impacted as a result of failing to set aside money for emergencies. Too many people turn to debt to deal with emergencies.

12. Stay out of debt Debt ruins people's lives because they don't know how to control their impulses. Using credit cards irresponsibly has caused people to be in a vicious circle. Credit cards are predatory in nature, with exorbitant interest rates. Avoid them at all costs.

13. Hyperconsumption We live in a society that is constantly selling us products. If you are not too careful, you will in the trap of just buying the new and most expensive things. Being moderate when it comes to buying things is a great skill and mentality to have.

14. Read books Don't waste your time playing video games and watching TV shows. These are deterrents to your future success. Read books that will give you knowledge or skills that will be useful to you in the future.

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