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OsaAtsu // miyacest, shota atsumu, breeding kink, daddy kink? "SAMU-NII!!" Atsumu yelled when he saw his brother, running at him with his arms up. Osamu easily scooped him up and spun around, drawing adorable giggles from the boy. "Hey sugar," Osamu said with a smile+

"Ya ready to go home?" Atsumu nodded aggressively, knowing what was waiting for him when they returned. "Were ya good fer yer teacher today?" He asked making his way to the car "YEAH! MEIAN-SENSEI EVEN GAVE ME A GOLD STAR! MADE OF REAL GOLD!"+

Osamu flinched at the yelling all too close to his ear "Darlin' I can't keep listenin' to yer sweet voice if ya keep yellin' in my ear," Atsumu immediately threw his arms around Osamu’s neck and pulled himself in to place a soft kiss to Osamu's cheek,+

right in front of his ear to go with his sweet whispered apology. It wasn't long before they returned home, the car ride filled with Atsumu talking about his school day. Osamu held his hand as he led the boy in.+

As soon as they entered Atsumu yanked off his shoes and ran to the living room to drop his backpack on the floor. "Samu-nii! I was real good today!" Atsumu said "I know baby, ya told me already," That didn't deter Atsumu in the slightest+

"So that means I get a treat from Samu-nii, right?" Osamu knew what he was doing when he said "I dunno Tsumu, ya were yellin' a whole lot," Atsumu pouted hard hearing that. He /knew/ he did good today and that he earned his treat, he even had the gold star to prove it.+

Osamu let his little brother pout for a minute longer but eventually said "but yer so sweet I can let it slide," immediately brightening the boys demeanor. Atsumu squealed as Osamu picked him up again and took him to their bedroom.+

It was easy to strip Atsumu down, the boy trying his best to help the process by squirming around. As soon as he was naked he was thrown on the bed, bouncing and giggling and shuffling around impatiently.+

Osamu took his time stripping down himself and gathering what they would need, listening to Atsumu whine "Samu-nii I want my treat," Osamu set the lube and various plugs down on the side table and climbed onto the bed, caging Atsumu in. He leaned down to kiss his little brother+

savoring the sounds of the young boys muffled whines and moans. "Samu-nii! W-wanna," Atsumu couldn't get the words out, unsure how to articulate how bad he wanted to be filled. Without the words there he started to tear up, the long day eating at his patience.+

"Ya just wanna be filled up. Is that it baby?" Osamu coo'd. Atsumu nodded aggressively again. "Please! Samu-nii!" Atsumu begged "It's okay sugar, I'll fill ya up just how ya need," Osamu said with a smile, grabbing the lube and pouring some on his fingers.+

Atsumu opened up like a dream, each finger disappearing inside him easily. His hole still loose from his special breakfast. As much as they both hated using a condom it was necessary in the mornings. Atsumu couldn't go to school leaking his brother's cum+

and they had to learn the hard way he just couldn't sit still with a plug in all day. Osamu settled for using a condom in the mornings and letting Atsumu eat it, saying that growing boys needed the extra protein.+

Osamu added finger after finger easily, varying his pace as he moved. Slow, loving strokes mixed with fast, aggressive thrusts. Atsumus whines and moans coming easily "S-Samu-nii, en-enough," He barely got the words out as Osamu took him apart.+

"Yeah? Ya think yer ready fer my cock sugar?" Atsumu nodded his confirmation, whining when Osamu pulled his fingers out. Atsumu was mesmerized as he watched Osamu stroking himself and spreading extra lube around. Osamu lined up his cock to Atsumu's hole+

and pushed in all in one hard thrust. Atsumu cried out, finally being filled after a whole day of waiting. Osamu gave him no time to adjust, thrusting immediately. "Fuck. Yer so hot," Osamu grunted "So tight 'round my cock, ya feel so good," Osamu grabbed Atsumu’s hips harshly,+

manhandling the boy with little care. His heavy balls swinging and making contact with Atsumus cheeks at every thrust. Atsumu cried out with every movement, being used as a toy rather than a person, yet he begged for it "Samu-nii! Please! More!"+

"So polite," Osamu said with a smile "Ya want more?" Atsumu nodded, tears reappearing in his eyes. "Ya want me to breed ya? Ya wanna get filled up?" Tears finally slipped "B-breed me, Samu-nii," Atsumu cried, he knew that he'd earned this, earned his brother's seed.+

"That's right sugar, 'm gonna breed ya, nice 'n full," "Right here," Osamu said, bringing Atsumu’s attention down to his bulging stomach. He watched, mesmerized as the bulge moved with Osamu's cock, every thrust bringing it higher.+

Osamu placed a large hand on his warm skin and pressed down, feeling how his cock moved in Atsumu. "Gonna fill ya up right here, breed ya nice 'n round," Atsumu nodded hearing that, knowing that Osamu always held true to his word "tell me baby, tell me what yer best for,"+

Atsumu was flushed down his to his neck, tears staining his cheeks as he said "Good f-fer breeding, taking S-Samu-nii's cum," Osamu smiled as he thrust hard again "What else baby, what're ya gonna do?" Atsumu smiled as best he could "Gonna make Samu-nii a daddy,"+

"That's right darlin'," Osamu ducked his head down to Atsumu’s chest, littering the skin with kisses "Yer gonna make me a daddy, ya were made just so ya could make me a daddy" He licked a stripe up Atsumus sternum and moved down to his nipple,+

kissing before running his tongue over it. Atsumu shivered and whined at the feeling. "'M gonna breed ya 'n make ya a mommy," Atsumu couldn't keep himself together any longer, shaking as he came, making a mess of his stomach and the bottom of Osamu's chin.+

"Daddy!" Atsumu cried out, sweet as he clawed at Osamu's back as he was fucked through his orgasm. "Fuck! Did daddy make ya feel good? Did talkin' 'bout makin' ya a mommy make ya feel good?" Atsumu nodded, pleasure still overrunning his small body.+

Osamu wiped the cum from the bottom of his chin, making sure Atsumu was watching as he cleaned his fingers of the fluid. "Delicious" As soon as his fingers were clean he went right back to Atsumu’s chest, nipping at the skin, lapping over his nipples "So good cumming fer daddy,"+

Osamu wrapped his lips around one of Atsumu's pert nipples, sucking lightly at first before pulling off "Yer so good fer breeding baby, yer gonna make such a good mommy," Atsumu sobbed hearing that. He was gonna be a good mommy, he would make sure of it. +

"D-daddy's gonna make me a m-mommy?" Atsumu’s pleasure was turning to pain and back to pleasure, flashes of the feelings running through his as Osamu lavished his chest with affection. Osamu sucked harder before pulling back "That's right baby, gonna make ya a mommy,"+

"Gotta get yer tits ready fer our babies, mommy," Osamu told him before going back to sucking on the boys nipple, pinching and pulling at the other. "Gotta make sure ya can feed our babies," he switched nipples, making Atsumu gasp at the cold air.+

Atsumu’s small hands held tight to Osamu's hair as he fucked the boy hard while he attached himself to his chest. Osamu could only hold on so long, the knot in his gut tightening. He pulled back so he could pull Atsumu into a proper kiss+

"Gonna fuck a baby into ya, breed ya into the best mommy. Tell me Tsumu," Atsumu nodded as best he could "Yer g-gonna breed our b-babies into me," Osamu groaned "Tell me what yer good for, what yer made for,"+

Atsumu hiccuped "Made fer bre-breeding," Osamu groaned, fucking into the boy with abandon "Only good fer breedin'. Gonna keep ya on my cock, keep ya nice 'n fat with our babies," Osamu babbled on as he felt his balls tighten before releasing, filling Atsumu with his seed.+

Atsumu twitched feeling cum flooding him, crying as he was tipped over the edge again. Osamu's hands gripping his hips tight enough to leave more bruises on his delicate skin. Hand-shaped bruises overlapping from how tight Osamu would hold the boy as he fucked him every time.+

Osamu looked down and watched Atsumu's stomach. Watched as his twitching cock moved, as his stomach started to bloat with cum. As much cum as Osamu gave him, he always had more.+

Just as Atsumu was made for getting bred, Osamu was made for breeding the boy, heavy balls never quite satiated. Atsumu was breathing heavily, cumdrunk and exhausted as Osamu reached over to grab a plug. Normally Atsumu would choose his plug but he could tell he was too tired.+

He let himself savor in the feeling on Atsumu for a bit longer before slowly pulling his cock out and quickly replacing it with the large plug. He always made sure that Atsumu never wasted a drop of the precious cum he was given. // FIN

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