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The thread below is a summary. For more evidence and details, read the complete article here:

Are fashion and media representations actually good examples of feminine beauty?

Can we trust what people say about attractiveness?

What do traditional love goddess representations look like?

Do men's beauty preferences change much between different times and places?

What do cartoon representations of attractiveness look like?

Don't men want me to look like a fashion model?

Do men's opinions about feminine beauty actually matter?

How do fashion models compare to other representations of beauty?

How do average women measure up?

What makes an attractive rear?

Isn't it a myth that men prefer a large chest?

What's the relative popularity of different cup sizes? How many men are satisfied with an A-cup?

Imaginary women are gross. Does this shape actually look good on a real woman?

Will I look best at the minimum possible weight?

Should all women conform to the same beauty standard?

Do women really hit a “wall” when they reach a specific age?

Do implants work? What's the best size to get? (follow the link for unclothed examples and comparisons)

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P. S. Men who agree with this thread should promote it. Popularizing accurate information is the only way we can improve beauty standards.

BONUS: What feminine beauty topic are people most interested in?

A 111.6% engagement rate for the thread strongly suggests throttling. But they wouldn't do that to a humble sex slaver and aspiring evil vizier, would they????

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