revereri 🫠 suffering

revereri 🫠 suffering



#miyacestober2022 day 10 β€’ non-canon occupation + audience // "there are people watchin' us, samu," atsumu whispers, as his brother pulls him in. "don't care," osamu responds, closing the distance between them. +

the sound of camera shutters going off behind them is not subtle, but it makes osamu smile into the kiss. it's nice that his outings with his brother-boyfriend are so well documented. he likes being able to look back on the memories taken on a professional camera. +

atsumu, meanwhile, pulls down his bucket hat further. wisps of his blond hair are visible, but not enough to give him away. no one would be able to guess that it was popular streamer miyA dressed in the loose plain black tee with light wash ripped jeans, +

kissing famous fashion model miya osamu. later when the pictures come out, the response is huge. they are any time osamu is spotted in public with his partner. people begin posting their own photos from the fashion row, zooming in to find atsumu in the front row, +

masked-up with sunglasses on, keeping his identity a mystery. osamu scrolls through the social media comments, screenshotting the particularly funny ones to send to his twin. atsumu receives them while he's on stream, opening them and laughing out loud. +

his chat asks him to share what he's laughing about, and he says, "oh nothin' in particular. just somethin' my brother sent me." his audience members then start asking about his brother. though atsumu doesn't keep it hidden, he also doesn't advertise that he's miya osamu's +

twin. it makes it easier, to do things like kiss in public, when people are less likely to put the pieces together. someone donates to atsumu and sends a message which reads, 'he did a show recently right? my gf couldn't stop thirsting over him.' +

atsumu doesn't respond immediately, too focused on the match. he gets the final kill, and is able to sit back for a bit before the next one begins. "thanks for the donation! and yeah, think so? 'm not always up to date with what he's doing. i'll def let him know yer +

girlfriend liked it though, lol." the countdown to the next match begins, and atsumu gets ready again. he's a bit off the first couple of rounds, getting killed off early. as he waits for the rounds to conclude, he banters with his chat, +

asking why he's suddenly gotten shit. "oh fuck off," he responds playfully. "y'all never praise me when i'm doing well but are always the first to tell me i'm doing crap." truthfully, however, he's distracted. +

the message from earlier reminded him of how /hot/ osamu looked on the runway. he bets he even knows which look his viewer's girlfriend was talking aboutβ€”the one where osamu went shirtless, the chain necklace around his neck connecting to his nipple piercings. +

his skin gleamed under the stage lights and atsumu wondered whether the makeup artists applied something to it. he looked positively divine, though atsumu could not recall the actual piece of clothing osamu was showing off. +

he could only remember trying to subtly cross his legs and willing himself not to get hard. unfortunately for him though, osamu looked right at him and winked as he walked past, and atsumu immediately popped a boner. damn, that was a good day. a good night, too, +

when he could finally get his hands on his brother. the preparation countdown to the next round begins, and atsumu shakes his head clear of all horny thoughts. his audience is here to watch him win. and who knows, maybe osamu is even watching him too.

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