Thulêan Perspective (MYFAROG)

Thulêan Perspective (MYFAROG)



This might come as a HUGE shock to most of you, but I am not perfect - but I never claimed to be either... Yet, although in this life I am already "a lost cause/broken/damaged goods", I aim to become at least BETTER & to lay the ground for future Nordic generations to thrive.

You see, we live in a diseased world, a world where mental illness penetrates every layer of society & I think all people too - in our case probably in form of horrible despair (from looking at the sick world...) - so we are... screwed anyhow. But we CAN get through this alive...

....and build a world that is healthy, sane, natural and... .sustainable, for future generations. We can, we should and we actually must.

This is our "trench warfare", that we have to go through ALIVE, in order for our kin to have a future. Instead of artillery shells & bullets, we have to cope with mass-immigration, mentally "gender-confused" people, Baby Boomers, collaborateurs, lies, lies 6 more LIES, etc.

Honestly, and knowing full well what pain and injury is, I would much rather face artillery shells, mortar bombs, bullets, flames, hand grenades and mud than this... But this is our lot. We must do with it what we can. Amor fati.

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