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ChatGPT and Bard is phenomenal AI. But try these 13 new AI websites to finish hours of your work in minutes:

2. Elevenlabs The most realistic and versatile AI speech software, ever. It gives you the most compelling, rich and lifelike voices from your text input.

3. You can ask any questions in plain English and it automatically generates answer in data form. As if you have your own personal data analyst.

4. Get the latest AI tools/news with AI Valley. Written in personal, relatable, humorous way... Stay upto date with latest AI tools, news in just 4 minutes. It's Free -

5. Translate any video using AI. You can translate in 70+ languages with best quality voices. Now you can reach millions of users from different countries.

6. YouTube Summary with Glasp It generate text summaries of any YouTube video! 🤯 Here : 🔗

7. ClipDrop The ultimate ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources for all creators. Remove objects, people, text, and defects from your pictures automatically. Upscales your images by 2x or 4x in seconds.

10. AI search engine Want most accurate search? Use It gives you the real time search + source.

11. by @pelaseyed Generate eye catching beautiful visuals and ads in seconds with AI Use this for your business, social media, marketing, designs and copy. No design experience needed.

13. ChatSonic AI It's ChatGPT on steriods. ChatGPT answers are limited to 2021. That's sucks. ChatSonic gives you relevant results from the web! 🤯 Here -

TL;DR 1. Stockimg 2. Elevenlabs 3. Usechannel 4. AI Valley 5. Papercup 6. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT 7. ClipDrop 8. Booth 9. Rationale ai 10. AI search engine 11. Clickable 12. BrowesAI 13. ChatSonic AI

Comment your favorite AI/No Code tool below. I will start - Midjourney.

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