? OHHHHHH MYYYYY G— #BALENCIAGA… ?? ???? ?????!!!!!!!!!!!?

Type in search engine, “Michael Borremans” ⚠️TW⚠️ ??? ???!!!!!

#Balenciaga had this Michael Borremans book laying out in the office desk to the side of red-head model… look at these themes yall… can’t make this up even if I tried!!!

Shout out to @WHOTFIsdaquan for pointing this debauchery out!

Seriously, the paintings are so bad. Themes of pedophilia, blood ritual, dark religiosity, occultism, racism #Balenciaga #BalenciagaGate

#Balenciaga at this point needs to beg for ?????. We need to see them address the public for these sick pedo-vore themes in their ‘23 campaign. We will bow the knee to ?? ????????? ???????. No more sexualizing children.

#Balenciaga you need to explain ALL of this

Cannibalism #Balenciaga ‘23 Campaign

????!!!!!!!!! The bottom book is “The Cremaster Cycle” by Matthew Barney #Balenciaga

Cremaster muscle… #Balenciaga

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

Found in #Balenciaga ad—Cremaster Cycle continued—description 2002. Shoutout to @thatpatriotmom for the find:

#Balenciaga 2022 deleted their posts once again on Instagram

All of this is giving me Biljana Durdjevic….. oh dear friends if you are new to all this, GodBless your heart and eyes. Prayer for a covering as newbies discover this very real, depraved and pedo-vorous world. Tony Podesta had these hanging in his home.

I made a video on it in 2019, I had to rehome it on my website called “Art” (on home page)

Bookmarking the agency for further research later:

Who is John Phillip Fisher? #Balenciaga

#Balenciaga: pervy kid shoot, child p*rnography court docket, pedo-vore books in shoot… now this????

#Balenciaga had this artist’s book in their shoot. I was really reluctant to repost some of these images, but sometimes our hearts need to be disturbed. Let the world know!!!

Find me the difference… #Balenciaga The following is from Cartoon Network, believe it or not.

#Balenciaga Michael Borremans piec. Little boy with a severed arm, nud€ covered in ?, looks at his torn flesh on the ground

Bro why are they wiping accounts?!?! #Balenciaga

⚠️???????⚠️ Disturbing. In regards to the bottom book “The Cremaster Cycle”

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