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Every business needs a clear value proposition. Especially startups. Apple, Amazon, and Tesla are masters of this. Read this thread, and you will be too: 🧵

First, let’s define the term “value proposition.” It refers to the value you pitch to your prospective customers/investors/users. You need one because, without value, nobody is going to pay you. You only get paid if the perceived value of your offer is higher than its price.

Amazon’s value proposition is getting you the products you want quickly and affordably. Apple’s is building simple, reliable, and sleek pieces of technology. Tesla’s is creating the most compelling car of the 21st century using a sustainable system.

One more thing we can do to explain this is to compare. Bentley’s value props are luxury and status. Hyundai’s value props are affordability and reliability. Differences in product and audience lead to differences in value propositions.

So how do you create one for yourself? First, think about the outcome your product/experience delivers. If you sell a wristwatch, the outcome could be status like Rolex or reliability. If you sell antivirus software, the outcome is being safe from viruses.

Second, think about your brand and what your unique selling proposition (USP) is. If you’re playful and funny, personality will be important. If you donate $ to charity with every sale, the spirit of giving will be important. Figure out what sets you apart.

The best value propositions are a combination of outcome delivered, brand, and uniqueness. Tesla’s value prop is an awesome car + joining the future of driving. They're not like every other brand. Their products are unique, created a new community, and deliver great outcomes.

Apple's value prop is great tech products + the simplicity, reliability, and style that other brands don't have. Amazon's value prop is a reliable & great online shopping experience + unique bundles for Prime members. Outcome + brand/uniqueness.

Once you have your main value propositions, use them to sell. Put them in your pitch deck, on your website, and in campaigns. Keep saying the same thing over and over again. And have your product/offer back it up. After a while, you'll be known for the value you deliver.

So - Build an offer that delivers a favorable outcome - Solidify your brand - Create or find a USP - Combine them into value props - Use them to differentiate and sell Do that, and you’ll be ahead of most marketers and entrepreneurs.

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