Masculine Ego

Masculine Ego



What happens if you go a full year without masturbating? Day 1-2: Urges Begins

Most of you will have to fight the urges and you must have strong willpower to fight those urges.

Day 4: Sick Some of you may fall sick as well. After Day 4: Sleep Deprivation You start getting less than the needed amount of sleep.

Day 5: More Confident You will become more in your life. Day 6: Developing Interest In Girls You start noticing girls more than before.

Day 7: Mental & Physical Energy Your mental and physical energy will start to return. Day 8-9: Productivity Your productivity will skyrocket.

Day 10: Anxiety Your Anxiety will reduce. Day 15: Skin Your skin condition will start to improve. The surface of your face will become clearer and polished, and your hair fall will reduce if you have any.

Day 17: Emotions Your emotions will be numb. Day 19: Muscle Your muscles will grow faster.

Day 22: Cannot Concentrate Your mind will be foggy and split in half. Day 25: Passion Your passion for work and building stuff will return.

Day 28: Better Learning Better cognitive functions and you will be able to learn everything faster. Day 40: Feel Energetic Your concentration power will begin to recover and the brain fog will start to lift.

Day 60: Higher Productivity & Intelligence You will start to use that brain of yours more than ever. Day 75: People will notice you People will start to notice you, not only girls.

Day 80: Relationship You will start having a satisfying relationship with your girl. Day 90: Increased Anger & T levels Your inner hulk will be unleashed.

Day 120: Goals Clear vision about your goals Day 180: Voice Change Your voice will start to change and get deeper and more manlier.

Day 365: Porn Porn will start to disgust you.

Just 1 year of not watching porn and masturbating has the power to change your whole life. NoFap will help you become a stronger, healthier, mentally stronger, and more charismatic person.

Do you struggle with basic discipline? Do you feel miserable and full of self-hatred because of the choices you make? Do you want more out of life? The only solution you need is a CHAD MINDSET Become a chad today:

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