Logan :/

Logan :/



NSFW | Camboy Osamu | #miyacest thread If someone had told osamu how expensive college really was, he probably wouldnt have been so keen to do it all himself. It was only at the suggestion of his friend does he set up his phone against his desk. Cock in hand and totals flying in

That was 7 months ago, and now Osamu would say he had a somewhat of a fanbase. Usernames and donations he recognised frequently, all getting off on him, his abs, accent and whines.

Atsumu had came across him quite early on, Skipping college to go straight into professional volleyball left him a little high and dry. so while looking for some content he came across a body much to familiar

Hearing his brother whine, knowing from the quiet "t-thank ya"s that fell with each donation telling him to go faster, Atsumu's eyes and cock buldged at the sounds, the whole atmosphere made his heart hammer in his chest and his stomach twist in arousal

eventually, he lined his schedule up to each of 'Samu's streams, dropping 500¥ as he tells him to get off just how he's learned his whore of a brother likes it.

Years pass, the streams never stop, the business Onigiri Miya is a success and only when Atsumu visits one day does he say his username. Watching as his brothers face pales, then reddens, The hand that grabbed his wrist tight and the storage closet he's pulled into is much too

cramped, but if either of them cared thy didnt say, both touching, grabbing and kissing, more teeth and tongue than lips. Cocks were pulled from pants, only half way down their thighs, it was rushed. Definitely not thought through, but Atsumu could definitely assure, Osamu sounds

so so much better in person, those noises pressed into his neck and his twins hand around him feels so much better than his heads version he's used to get off for so long, neither of them last long, all of it being way too much, much too fast. They both lose themselves in it

They cum with hushed moans, with Osamu's teeth digging into his shoulder Atsumu cums, covering their tshirts and hands. Osamu follows, digging the bite even harder as he mixes their cum. Panting and smiling they slump against eachother in the cramped closet

of course, this was what lead to a conversation or two, which moved to a shared apartment, and that camboy account grew from one person to two, the scenes letting fans closer on a secret, with faces out of frame the two twins kiss. Happy with how it all turned out

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