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Everyone SHOULD know how to consistently find #100x opportunities. The PROBLEM? Most people don't have the right strategies. I took my time to break EVERYTHING down for you ?

It’s no secret that being early to new crypto projects can be life-changing Finding these new projects is a skill that can be mastered. It will take time to develop your hunting skills.

I bet some of you are here in an attempt to make it big fast and build massive wealth. Despite a lot of success stories, there are also a lot of bad stories where people lose big. We have got to keep that in mind. Let's dive in ↓

The following are some strategies for developing this skill: Become familiar with DEXs - The market capitalization of coins listed on centralized exchanges (#Binance, #FTX, #Kraken, and #Coinbase) is typically quite high (MC).

Any Degen must have a play book: • Diversify and hold more blue chips • understand if $BTC dips 20% low caps dip 70% • Understand the market cycles. For example : 2021 was a good year for many of us who bet on $SHIB , $ELON etc This year ? You might wanna think again

Don't listen to anyone or Ape blindly into random projects : • Degen mode - you must use a comfortable amount you are willing to loose • Develop your own intuition - After multiple try and error's you will become a pro

The first tool you'd need is @tokenterminal. Sort it out by clicking on " protocol revenue " Here you can see what projects are actually bringing in revenue.

Second tool for finding 100x gem / #Airdrop opportunities: • @DefiLlama Check the project TVL and Mcap here. For example, $SOL has a TVL of 1.4b $OP has 1b with a lower mcap. You have a higher chance to do a 100x easily.

You will have to become a Twitter expert. Always go down the rabbit hole in advanced search on Twitter. Click "advance search " Add a coin that blew up last year like $shib Filter the date This way you can follow and track accounts that spoke about $shib before you blew up

For example: I have a list of people who spoke about 100x gems. I occasionally check to see what they tweet about. You would want to create a list like this and track them.

When I happen to discover a new listing of a promising gem, what I do next is, Check out who is following on Twitter Look out for VCs and also big names of influencers in the #Defi space

TIP: if the project has less than 10K followers, it means I’m quite early to the party. Stalking the discord of potential gems is also key. Spending time in discord can be time-consuming. But trust me, folks, it’s worth it!

You can immediately perform thorough research if you discover a new listing: • Do a search on Twitter •Check on Discord (the search bar is your friend) • Always watch out for Tokenomics • Keep an eye out for warning signs (% held by the team, founders, or whales).

You learn about new tokens through your network. If you follow 100 trustworthy Crypto hunters. You now have an additional 100 sets of eyes looking for you on Twitter and Discord.

A few #100x potential gems to keep an eye on: $AZERO $XRD $EGLD $KAS $CKB $ENQ $QNT $ERG $ROUTE $GET $MTV $CHNG $OP $LDO Now it's time to do your research and figure out what works best for you

Also, some amazing CT accounts to follow and start your research: @ZssBecker @MariusCrypt0 @CryptoGirlNova @MartiniGuyYT

My closing thoughts: It's way easier to understand and work in one ecosystem. Find new projects building in its ecosystem. For example: finding gems in the #CardanoADA ecosystem or #SOL ecosystem. It's easier to focus and begin your research.

All these strategies will guide you to find your NEXT 100x. Alright, that's it for now on finding your 100x gem. Most charge $1000 plus for such guides. I did it for FREE. so follow @cyrilXBT for more I have more helpful content coming out to help you with your crypto journey.

That's a wrap for my #100x research guide. If you enjoyed this thread: 1. Follow me @cyrilXBT for more of these 2. RT the tweet below to share this thread with your audience

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