Agba John Doe

Agba John Doe



Many times, you've read DM stories of single mothers that push their daughters to men. Even if she's not single & still with her husband, she is sometimes "irritated" by the sight of her unmarried adult daughters under her roof. "please go & get married & leave my husbsnd & I

in peace". The DM story I shared today had in it, a single mother who is aware that her daughter is dating a married man. We have even heard of stories of single mothers who collect money from men to sleep with their underage daughters. You can say it's poverty. Yes, poverty

is one cause of it. But the major cause of it is the undeniable fact that women are not designed to be providers. If her strength cannot take her, she'll find other means to survive. It's either she decides to find a man who will be financing her so she can cater to her kids

or she'll use her kids to make money to survive. Also, it's mostly single mothers that will encourage their sons to take to crime, as long as money is coming in. We have heard of stories of mothers who purchase laptops for their sons so that they can start "yahoo". This is why

I cringe when I see some women say "I'm an independent woman". No matter how wealthy she becomes in life or how famous, she'll always feel the impact of that void that has been created without a man's presence in her life. Yesterday, I said that infidelity is not the worst

"sin" a man will commit. But the sin of not providing & planning for his family. It's why widows get more sympathy than widowers. They know she will need a man and support because her nature doesn't align with full provision. Any woman that allows her pride get into her head

will be doing a deservice to herself and her children. As long as your life is not being threatened, you're safer or more secured under a man. If you have no man around you, you're "naked". You're like a willing tool to be used by any man. You will be forced to compromise on

your femininity just to survive & feed your children. It's wrong for a mother to welcome an expensive gift or any gift at all, bought by a man for her daughter when he's not married to her. So asking your daughter to go meet her man when you have needs for money, is you telling

your daughter to go and prostitute. Any woman that calls her daughter's boyfriend or husband for money is disrespecting herself. If he's a boyfriend, forget it. Is he's a husband, your daughter should be able to do that on your behalf. This is why I said men should be

careful with their decisions to marry a lady that was raised by a single mother. Frustration might have made her give her daughter the wrong orientation. Especially if the father is still alive and then she's divorced. It's never out of place to ask any lady you meet that was

raised by a single mother "how did you survive?" Yes because you need to know. It is never easy for men to provide. How much more women? A lot of men overlook these things because according to them, they're in "love". That's why I keep saying it because for any lady that is

affected, she will try to change regardless of her experience & upbringing and stop thinking like it's a norm. It's not. You need a father and mother present in your lives as children. The only thing that should naturally separate you from any of your parent is death. I don't

like divorce & it shouldn't happen. But if it happens, there're consequences. You just can't wish away the consequences. Whether the man/woman caused the divorce. Once you get married, you're no longer living your life for you. You're living it for your children. End.

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