"I joined bighit because Namjoon hyung was so cool" – Jungkook — a thread of Jungkook being a fanboy of Namjoon

when Jungkook explained why he chose bighit which was because of namjoon

When they won medals at ISAC but the people skipped jungkook so namjoon immediately gave his own medal to jungkook ?

when jungkook was looking around for namjoon to hug him and namjoon just gave him ?

"I saw RM hyung rap and thought he was so cool, RM hyung is my eternal leader"

when namjoon was sad and jungkook ran fast to hug his rapmon hyung??

remember when jungkook with his doe eyes asking help for namjoon's help to say "army, hide your army bombs" ?

?: I'm especially inspired by you,I'll keep following you from behind.

"He'll be rapmon to me forever, I'll always call him Rapmon"

Namjoon: *doesn't even say a word* Jungkook:??????? Namjoon: Why are you looking at me like that?


The moment when namjoon just set aside what he was eating just because his baby was giving him smtg to eat :(

when namjoon’s single wink is enough for jungkook

Jungkook looking at his rapmon hyung like he's world to him

"First of all,I really wanted to thank our leader namjoon hyung because without rapmon hyung I wouldn't be in bts so I really wanted to say thank you"

How can i forget this iconic kiss

End of the thread with compilation of namkook hugging moments

Follow me I make threads always and I'll be good friend ?

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