aurora 🤍 | in my flop era

aurora 🤍 | in my flop era



osasuna // nsfw, voyeurism "do as he says rin~" atsumu was fucking rin infront of osamu in his shop after he closed for the day. the two were behind the counter and osamu sitting in one of the stools, watching atsumu as he fucked his boyfriend.

"ah hah ngh~" rin held onto anything he could find, he just needed to have a grip on something. but osamu removed anything he put his hands on, making it harder for him. "this is what ya wanted right? so deal with it" osamu sat there, happily watching as his boyfriend

got exactly what he asked for. rin wanted to spice up their bedroom experience so what better way then to have his brother fuck his boyfriend. it the same thing after all. "ya like that rin?" rin couldn't bring himself to say that he actually enjoyed atsumu's cock.

but he couldn't lie either, he knew it felt good. "he asked you a question rin, ya don't want ta keep him waiting do ya?" osamu picked rin's head up by his chin, making rin look at him eith his moaning face, and drool hanging from his mouth.

his face was flushed with bright red as he moaned out osamu's name. "ugh ngh ah~" osamu smirked as he watched rin's eyes roll back. " just look at ya babe, yer lovin' this" rin kept moaning, he didn't have to answer atsumu, they both knew that rin loved the attention.

"yer doin' so good babe, just kept tsumu cum in ya then it'll all be over" atsumu wasn't too far from cumming. he gripped onto rin's hips and thrusted until he released inside of him. "good boy rin~"

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