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Last weekend I asked #TherapistTwitter for their best podcast recommendations to grow as a therapist Here are the Top 15 (in no particular order) and where to find them: ?

1. Where Should We Begin - @EstherPerel 2. Attachment Theory in Action - Karen Doyle Buckwalter 3. The Homecoming Podcast - @drthema 4. Psychologists Off The Clock - @OTC_Psych 5. Therapy For Black Girls - @therapy4bgirls

@EstherPerel @drthema @OTC_Psych @therapy4bgirls 6. The Hip Hop Social Worker - @hhsocialwork 7. Doin' The Work: Frontline Stories - @DoinTheWorkPod 8. Very Bad Therapy - Ben Fineman & Caroline Wiita 9. The Black Psychologist Podcast - @BlackPsychpod 10. This Jungian Life - @ThisJungianLife

@EstherPerel @drthema @OTC_Psych @therapy4bgirls @hhsocialwork @DoinTheWorkPod @BlackPsychpod @ThisJungianLife 11. The Details- @ElliottSpeaks & @CecilRWalker & Adam Froerer 12. Find Empathy- @Find_Empathy @MeghanBeierPhD 13. Between Us: A Psychotherapy Podcast- John Totten & Mason Neely 14. Conversations With A Wounded Healer- @WoundedHealr 15. Therapy Chat - @TherapyChatPod

@EstherPerel @drthema @OTC_Psych @therapy4bgirls @hhsocialwork @DoinTheWorkPod @BlackPsychpod @ThisJungianLife @ElliottSpeaks @CecilRWalker @Find_Empathy @MeghanBeierPhD @WoundedHealr @TherapyChatPod Thank you to everyone who suggested podcasts! If you're interested in listening to any of these, I compiled a list of links for you. Check it out here ↓

@EstherPerel @drthema @OTC_Psych @therapy4bgirls @hhsocialwork @DoinTheWorkPod @BlackPsychpod @ThisJungianLife @ElliottSpeaks @CecilRWalker @Find_Empathy @MeghanBeierPhD @WoundedHealr @TherapyChatPod Also, if this was helpful for you at all, I have a free newsletter I send out every other Friday about growing as a therapist. Sign up below ↓

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