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#Pierrochi 🎭💧🔞 Teacher x student 🌸chi Finally! It’s time for the end of the year senior pranks. Ajax’s whole class had come up with some big, grand prank for their homeroom teacher. Something about a freezing bucket of water falling on him as he walked into the room. Sure,

it wasn’t a bad idea, but Ajax had a grander scheme plotted. He was going to get in trouble most definitely, but he’d do anything to see the reaction from it on his teacher’s face. Mr. Pierro was such a strict, conservative man. Ajax wanted nothing more than to try and make that

mask crack. Ajax squirmed in his seat once he was in class, patiently waiting with his fellow classmates for their teacher to walk in, the bucket set up perfectly above the door. Someone else had of course decided to add the cursed mess called glitter into the bucket as well,

just to make it a little worse. As soon as the door began to open, everyone leaned forward on the edge of their seats. “Good morning class” Pierro sighs, reaching above him to grab the bottom of the bucket before it could tip. Fuck that sexy old man and his height. What a shame

too, he was wearing a white shirt. Oh, what Ajax would give to see what was beneath it. Alas… “I see the senior pranks have already begun.” The elder man says, setting the bucket down cooly and chuckling at the disappointed sounds coming from his students.

Then, his eyes landed on Ajax. Ajax. Was dressed in. A slutty school girl’s outfit. Those stupid little ones you found in the back of a Spencer’s in the mall. Or a cheesy sex shop. “Is this a senior prank as well, or are you asking for a detention this late in the year, Ajax?”

Ajax felt his breath hitch, unable to meet his teacher’s eyes. “No sir! I just- it was part of the prank…” Pierro walked towards him, sighing and taking off his coat to lay it over the boy’s shoulders, “Do you have a change of clothes?” Ajax blushes bright pink, pulling the

coat over himself and silently shaking his head. He wasn’t sure why he was so confident over this this morning, he could barely talk to his teacher on a good day, always tripping over his words. “Alright, stay after class. I’ll get you a spare PE uniform.” He says, walking back

up to the front of the class. “Now, let’s begin today’s lesson. Just because there’s a half-naked student in here, doesn’t mean we all have to ogle him” Pierro says, giving his students a glare. So, the rest of the class goes on fairly normal, and just as boring. After though,

once everyone leaves, Pierro walks back to Ajax’s desk. “What size are you?” “H-huh?” Ajax asks, his eyes following up to Pierro’s. “What size do you wear, so I can get you that change of clothes.” “Oh- I- I’m a small, sir..” “You are quite tiny, aren’t you?” He asks, gently

brushing his hand over the shoulder of his coat on the boy, staring down at him, a weird tension bubbling up in the room. Ajax bites his lip and nods, leaning into his touch a little. “It’s a shame, you know. Seeing one of my best students dressed like a whore in my class, for

not just my eyes to see, but everybody else’s as well. Don’t you think you took it too far?” He asks Ajax, “Weren’t you worried how I may react? Especially when.. it’d be so easy to take you.” “T-Take me?” Ajax questions meekly, his little hands balling into fists in his lap.

“That’s right, right over my desk. it’d be so easy just to flip up that tiny skirt and fuck you” Ajax made a small sound, squirming in his seat and pressing his thighs together. “Or perhaps you’d like that” Pierro mumbles, leaning over and grabbing onto the desk with one hand,

the other gliding up Ajax’s thigh. “Perhaps that’s what you really wanted out of this.” “Sir- wh-what about everyone else?” “No one’s here, the doors are locked.” Pierro says, pressing the skirt up and making an impressed hum as he noticed the lack of panties beneath that skirt

“Sir…” “Look at that, you really were trying to make it easy on me, weren’t you baby?” Pierro whispers into his ear, voice gruff. “Y-Yes sir.. I wanted… I wanted to see how you’d react- I didn’t think.. you know- I just-“ “Cat got your tongue?” Pierro chuckles, “mm no wonder

you’re always stuttering around me. I bet you’ve been planning this for quite some time.” He says, parting the boy’s pussy lips and licking his own lips as he studies him. “Sir.. touch me. Please” Ajax pleads, spreading his legs further and gripping onto his arm.

“You want more?” Pierro asks, running his middle finger up his slit. “Beg.”

Ending it there hehe Only because my brain died cause I had to take a break TvT anygays 🥹 thank you for reading! Hope you liked it <333

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