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Get rich. Be productive. Win. 14 threads to improve your life forever.

1/ Win This thread from @SahilBloom is packed with powerful lessons on how to get ahead in life and win. 23 in all. -Play Long Term Games -Work Like A Lion -Operate In Your Zone of Genius

2/ Live Free When @Codie_Sanchez found herself burned out from work she did what hardly any of us do. She quit. And started living the life she always wanted.

3/ Get Rich Probably my favorite thread of all time. @naval breaks down how to get rich for anyone to follow. Some include: -Don't rent out your time for $ -Learn to sell & build -Seek wealth, not money or status

4/ Transform Your Career If you're stuck in your career, @amandanat helps with this thread. 13 tips in all. Some include: -Learn the Radford Scale -Be Yourself -Learn How to Complain

5/ Use Your Time Wisely Nobody has broken down how important our time is like @joe_portsmouth. A simple question: Would you switch places with Warren Buffet if you had to be in your 90s? Of course not. That's why time > money.

6/ Read for Improvement Reading helps us understand new ideas. @AlexAndBooks_ gives us 30 books we should read before we die.

7/ Succeed -Persistence -Persuasion -Focus @blakeaburge shows us what it takes for successful people to reach the heights they do.

8/ Succeed Again In this thread, @sweatystartup shows us what successful people knew before they succeeded. -Be likeable -Add value -And more...

9/ Define Your Terms @AmandaMGoetz is a founder, a single mom, and has a pretty inspiring story. She lays out things she learned between 25 & 35 in this thread. With 1 theme: Defining Life on Your Own Terms

10/ Shift Your Mindset School teaches us a lot of things that will allow lead you to average. Median income in the U.S. is $32k. To rise above the average you'll need to shift your mindset. @The_MMW

11/ Always Move Forward For work, @drgurner gets to speak with some wildly successful people. Lucky for us, she's condensed her findings into a thread. You'll have no excuse to not move forward after reading.

12/ Stay Current Successful people are constant learners who can see around corners. The world is changing all around us. And the internet will make some of us extinct. @packyM tells us how to navigate the online world in this excellent article.

13/ Be Fearless @wdmorrisjr shows us how to put fear in the rearview for good. "Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom."

14/ Be Extraordinary You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. It's cliche but it's the truth. @businessbarista breaks down exactly how to optimize your circle in this thread.

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