What's the fastest way to start earning 100k/month? My way: sell a $50 subscription to 2000 customers 6 proven methods to find 2000 customers for your product:

This thread will be looooonngg because I'll share everything we did to acquire users. Let's start

1. Sneak Peek Strategy The idea is to launch a free side product that gives users a 10% taste of your main product's utility. The goal: make it super easy to use. It's like tasting the free candy before you buy lots of it.

For instance, If you run a 3-month coding course, do a free weekend hackathon. Gives the student a taste of what the coding course must be like.

We do this at Tweet Hunter all the time Tweet Hunter does scheduling, AI tweet writing, inspirations, analytics, and everything else related to Twitter. So how do we let people 'taste it' before buying?

We launched "Best Time To Tweet" (.com) a free tool to find out when to post for the ideal engagement The tool is dead simple, you have 1 button, you click it and it output a custom engagement graph:

Some other examples of sneak-peek products we've done at Tweet Hunter a. TweetHunter's Twitter Growth Contest. b. Launched Tweet Swipe File c. Audience growth e-book d. Viral LinkedIn Post Generator (Taplio) A successful sneak-peek product can get you hundreds of users.

2. Creator-led, Go-To Market Strategy This is my favorite. The world is moving from "I trust this brand" to "I trust this person" Having a creator as a co-founder is a go-to-market strategy now. Their following is basically a sales funnel for your product.

How Tweet Hunter did this: a) We launched toward 80K+ of @OneJKMolina's followers (at the time) and created a ton of noise b) We also launched an affiliate program with Rewardful an JK helped recruiting affiliates A good creator partnership can get you hundreds of customers.

@OneJKMolina You want a secret? Successful creators are craving for deals like this. So go get them.

@OneJKMolina 3. Virality Content Strategy Brands need to take content seriously. This is why I write threads. Could be TikToks, Twitter Threads, Instagram Reels, or Youtube Videos A well-done piece of content can be a customer magnet

@OneJKMolina For instance: DropBox's demo video This simple video explanation got Dropbox its first 1000 users back when it was unknown!

@OneJKMolina If you can get a creator to do content and have that go viral it can get you hundreds if not a thousand customers.

@OneJKMolina 4. Publicity Flywheel Build virality into your product, such that just by using your product, people end up marketing it Calendly users have to send Calendly links to other people More Calendly users = More links shared = more people know about Calendly = more Calendly users

@OneJKMolina If you bake virality into the product itself - customers can't use it without promoting it Every Typeform Survey is an ad for Typeform Every Calendly invite sent is an ad for Calendly Every PayPal payment link is an ad for PayPal

@OneJKMolina 5. Audience Sales Funnel Strategy A relevant audience can be a lifelong sales funnel for your startup Between myself, @tomjacquesson and @OneJKMolina, we have 180K followers to promote Tweet Hunter towards

@OneJKMolina @tomjacquesson Examples of audience-led businesses on Twitter @thejustinwelsh (154K followers) built a $1M digital products business @heyeaslo (155K followers) built a $200k business selling Notion Templates Whatever your product, there is a way to build an audience for it

@OneJKMolina @tomjacquesson @thejustinwelsh @heyeaslo 6. Repeated Launch Strategy A Launch is a shameless excuse to market, pull favors, and get people to publicize for you. Most people will happily help you in your launch. How can they not? People want to help.

@OneJKMolina @tomjacquesson @thejustinwelsh @heyeaslo Brian Chesky, AirBnB's Founder launched AirBnb 6 times. Because each time, not more than 100 people would notice. When not many people are noticing your launches, launch again!

@OneJKMolina @tomjacquesson @thejustinwelsh @heyeaslo An easy way to do this is to launch on Product Hunt. Product Hunt has thousands of enthusiastic people downloading new apps every day. It's the perfect early adopter community. I do this often, look at this

@OneJKMolina @tomjacquesson @thejustinwelsh @heyeaslo Each of these strategies compound. They can get you 100s of customers in the short term. Thousands in the longer term. 1. Build Sneak-Peek Products 2. Creator-Led Marketing 3. Viral Content 4. Publicity Flywheel 5. Audience Building 6. Launch Again and Again

@OneJKMolina @tomjacquesson @thejustinwelsh @heyeaslo Hope it's helpful ? If it is, consider following @tibo_maker for more about startups and audience building And send some love by retweeting the first tweet linked below:

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