✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨

✨Gilf Enjoyer 3000✨



?? #Zhongchi ? “Gods..” Childe cries, sitting on top of Morax’s statue, two fingers deep inside himself as he holds on tight with one arm to make sure he doesn’t fall off. Zhongli’s been busy working lately, but a fun fact Childe’s recently learned is that Zhongli can feel

and hear and *see* everything his statues do, even if it’s just in the back of his mind. So, Childe chooses to do this in order to tease him. “Mmmm yes! Morax!” Childe moans, slipping a third finger in and fucking himself faster, his wetness able to be heard through the whole

empty field. And Zhongli? Is currently hiding in the bathroom of the restaurant he was at for an important meeting he had with one of the funeral parlor’s clients, fucking into his fist as he listened to Childe’s moans. Gods, Childe truly is a piece of work, knowingly teasing

him like this when he knows he’s busy. How can he be mad though, really? It wouldn’t be so hard to get his lover back later at home anyways, tying him up so he’d be forced to watch as he gets himself off at the thought of his pretty wife. Yes, that would be a fine punishment.

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