Xuu - Comms open! 🫘✨

Xuu - Comms open! 🫘✨



About 10 years ago i've made this tutorial. Thought i'd share it here too! I present you: The shrimp method ?

The shrimp method is, basically, an exercise that teaches a couple ways to use photographic reference. If you know how to use references, you can draw anything.

I often get people asking me if this tutorial can be used to learn anatomy, or a specific species. It sure can! Just change from shrimp to what body part you wanna study, or to which species you want to study.

You dont even have to do all those steps, and you can apply them individually next time you wanna practice something. Theyre all different techniques to use references: Step 2 - How to find visual references Step 3 - Using tracing to understand a body

Step 4 - Using a photo as reference to draw the same pose Step 5 - Using a photo as reference to draw a different pose Step 1 and 6 are so you can see by yourself the difference a bit of reference studying does ?✨

Its really amazing to know that even after all this time, this still goes around and its still useful to people out there :) If this tutorial helped you, please consider buying me a coffee! ☕?

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