How I Closed My First Whale Client & Started Making $15k+/Month In Commissions When I Was 19 (And how this led to the birth of my agency) ?

To give you some context, I got into direct response when I had just turned 18. But don’t get it twisted.

I was doing shitty upwork jobs for nearly 6 months, and was making about $500 a month in my final year of school (which had a lot of purchasing power in the country I lived in).

It was just a side thing to me. I didn’t even know that money twitter was a thing.

I was writing landing pages, emails, facebook ads, basically anything I could get my hands on on upwork. I even edited a script for this dude who was giving a speech at a university for $50. And here’s the funny thing:

I was making more money selling to my bros on the side lol Anyway, exams came around, I finished school and got decent grades. At this point I was still broke and direct response wasn’t serious to me. I was writing NPC copy.

I didn’t know how much money could be made in DR and how hard it was to get good at it. So I took a gap year. Family moved to the UK. Parents were trying to force me to go to university. (Long story)

In the UK I had no friends and no social life since I wasn’t in school anymore. I also lived in the middle of nowhere (you can’t even get the bus where I live). I had no choice but to enter ‘monk mode’. Things were going extremely slow.

I was still capped at like $300 - 500 a month. But here’s where things changed… One day, I was scrolling through twitter when I stumbled upon @blackhatwizardd ‘s twitter.

@blackhatwizardd I used what little money I had from selling & upwork (spent most of it on dumb shit) to buy his course. Funny thing is, cold email mastery was like $30 back then lmao Anyway I copped the course and I couldn’t afford software to scrape leads.

@blackhatwizardd So @blackhatwizardd sent me a bunch of leads for $50 in BTC. I also couldn’t afford to automate the outreach. So for a month straight, I manually cold emailed, followed up with, and worked through the leads list I had. I didn’t even have a domain lol.

@blackhatwizardd I didn’t close anything for the first month - but things still worked out in my favour. The reason is simple: Everyday, on top of doing my outreach, I was reading scientific advertising. I went through that book 5 times in one month.

@blackhatwizardd I also started reading and analysing funnels in the health space religiously. I would write emails and leads for random products I would think of - like toothpaste. And here’s when things really started to change.

@blackhatwizardd One day, I got a response from a guy who really liked my cold email. 2 weeks later I got on a call with him. He was consulting for an 8 figure eCom/direct response supplement brand. He explained who he was and I was shocked.

@blackhatwizardd (He was the first person to come up with the original ‘The Island Where People Forget To Die’ promo, which has been ripped off and reused for years now) I couldn’t believe I was on a call with him. (He’s consulted on email marketing for Disney, TikTok, etc)

@blackhatwizardd We hit it off instantly and spoke for nearly an hour. He didn’t like my copy because my copy was shit. But he liked me. He told me that I had an ability to come up with ideas and angles in a way that you can’t really teach someone.

@blackhatwizardd But the presentation of those ideas in my copy sucked. He had never ‘mentored’ anyone before. But he took me under and gave me some pointers. I took his advice and implemented. Two weeks later we hopped on a call and he was impressed with the samples I showed him.

@blackhatwizardd And 2 weeks after that, he got me on a call with the owner of the business he was handling marketing for. He told me to name a monthly price.

@blackhatwizardd I was literally shaking, the price I had in mind was way more than what I was worth (or so I thought) but I knew this company had racks. So I said £3,000/month. The owner simply replied with ‘cool, send the invoice’. And that was that.

@blackhatwizardd I was now making £3k a month to write funnels and learn under one of the best in the game. A few months later, the company signed one of the biggest email agencies in the game. (If you’re in this space you’ll know of them)

@blackhatwizardd They were sending graphics heavy emails with barely any copy. The emails sucked. Revenue dropped. They were outsourcing to VAs from the Philippines like most email agencies do. At this point I was pretty close with the owner of the company. I was still getting paid £3k a month.

@blackhatwizardd So I pitched him. I told him to let me take over Klaviyo for 5% commission. I had to do a lot of convincing as I had never really used Klaviyo before, but in the 3 months I’d been working with them and getting coached, my copy had transformed.

@blackhatwizardd All I had to do was learn my way around Klaviyo which took me about a week. The owner agreed, fired the other agency, and I took over. And after 2 months of working together I took their Klaviyo revenue from $73,000/mo to $263,000/mo.

@blackhatwizardd (Case study is on my agency’s website: I printed about $15k in commissions in the first month, not including the retainer. In my biggest month I made north of $20k off of them.

@blackhatwizardd (I then had my first $30k+ month a short while later, because someone paid me £10k for a VSL funnel) So that’s that. At the age of 19 I had my first $30k month. I was hitting $20k+ consistently. And I blew most of the money I made. But I don’t regret it.

@blackhatwizardd After working with them and making so much in commissions, I realised that I had an insane case study. Now that I had cash, I bought a domain, paid for logos, and began building a proper agency. I knew I had the skills to scale supplement brand revenue with email.

@blackhatwizardd I also knew for a fact that real copy works better than NPC copy on health lists - because someone buying a health product needs more convincing than someone buying a chair, for example. That’s basically it.

@blackhatwizardd Now I’m 20, and my main goal for the year is to scale this agency to a certain monthly revenue figure which I’m not going to share until I’ve completed it. I’m still writing funnels on a freelance basis for publishers in the health space. And more recently financial.

@blackhatwizardd Tomorrow I’m going to go into more detail about HOW I actually got the 260% revenue increase for the supplement brand. I promise you no other agencies/freelancers are using the email marketing tactics that I use. They were taught to me by one of the best in the game.

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